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Choose a common home care-associated infection.
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The Infectious chain of transmission involves the following sequence of events. Please select the response that lists the correct order of events for disease transmission to occur.Infectious agent-Source-Means of exit-Mode of transmission-Means of entry-Susceptible host.Your patient who was just recently discharged from the hospital tells you that they are experiencing diarrhea. Your best course of action is... please select all that apply.Perform hand hygiene using soap and water Initiate contact precautionsThe Joint Commission has identified the 2021 Home Care National Patient Safety Goals. Which response is NOT one of the goals?Increase patient vaccination ratesCircle the best definition for COLONIZATION.The presence of bacteria that are not harmful to a hostSelect home care specific strategies to ensure specimen collection that is not contaminated. Select all that apply.Perform hand hygiene before and after donning gloves. Collect two sets of peripheral blood cultures for symptomatic patients. Collect specimen away from visitors and pets.Symptoms of a patient that is septic all that apply.Chills and shaking Fever Shortness of breath ConfusionStandard precautions DO NOT include which of the following? Select all that apply.Use of a N95 respiratorThe NHIA (National Home Infusion Association) recommends the following actions for home infusion nurses caring for COVID-19 patients in the home. Select all that apply.Limit non-disposable supplies taken into the home. Limit nursing time spent in the home. Complete all documentation outside the home.Select all the correct bag technique principles.Bag should be placed on clean, hard surface or use a barrier Bag shall remain zipped closed at all times when not in use Perform hand hygiene before entering the bag and upon closing the bag Supplies removed from bag that are multi-use must be disinfected prior to returning to bagFrequent home environment barriers that prevent home health clinicians from providing excellent IPC techniques, as outlined in the article Infection Prevention and Control Practices in The Home Environment: Examining Enablers and Barriers to Adherence Among Home Health Care Nurses (Adams et al., 2021) all that apply.Absence of running water Dirty environments, clutter Infestations