Lingva Phrasal Verbs:Relationships, B2/C1

Designed by Mirjana Ljiljak-Vukajlović
take after
All our children are professional musicians; they definitely __________ (look like) their father.
look up to
It was not difficult to _________ (admire) our literature teacher - she was an epitome of charismatic and persuasive educator.
come across
I would not be surprised that he might __________ (give an impression) as primitive and rude, but you should know that it is only a disguise for his vulnerability.
stand up to
If you do not want your husband to hurt your son when he gets drunk you must __________ (defend yourself against) him and report him to the social service.
tell off
The teacher is trying not to ___________ (scold) her students every time they are late.
get along
I have found out many times that it is much easier to _______ (be friendly) with my friends than my close relatives.