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electric chargesAll magnetic phenomena result from forces between___________ in motionelectromagnetThe simplest motors work by placing an _______ that can rotate between two permanent magnets.Andre Marie Amperefirst suggested in 1820 that magnetic properties of matter were due to tiny atomic currents.magneticAll atoms exhibit _______ effectsFlowing water pressurized steam wind gasoline engineAnything that can turn an axle can power a generatorLike charges repel, unlike attract no magnetic monopoles in nature Magnetic phenomena can be produced by electrical effects Electrical phenomena can be produced by magnetic effectsMaxwell's LawsJames Maxwellwas first to see that the four laws formed a coherent system realized that the four laws predicted the existence of a new kind of energy wave—electromagnetic radiationelectromagnetic waveMaxwell, in 1867, proposed that light is an _______________Magnetic fieldsare vector quantities.that is, they have a magnitude and a directionMichael faradayA magnet has a 'magnetic field' distributed throughout the surrounding spaceMagnetic field linesdescribe the structure of magnetic fields in three dimensions. They are defined as follows. If at any point on such a line we place an ideal compass needle, free to turn in any direction (unlike the usual compass needle, which stays horizontal) then the needle will always point along the field line.Field linesconverge where the magnetic force is strong, and spread out where it is weak.dipolecompact bar magnettrueAlthough two magnets may not be touching, they still interact through their magnetic fields.CyclotronDeveloped in 1931 by E. O. Lawrence and M. S. Livingston at UC Berkeley. Uses electric fields to accelerate and magnetic fields to guide particles at very high speeds.electric motoris a machine which converts electrical energy into mechanical (rotational or kinetic) energy.electromagnetAn ________ is simply a coil of wires which, when a current is passed through, generate a magnetic field, as belowferromagnetismWhen a _________ material is placed near a magnet, it will be attracted toward the region of greater magnetic field. This is what we are most familiar with when our magnet picks up a bunch of paperclipsIron, cobalt, nickel, gadolinium, dysprosium alloysferromagnetic elementsdiamagnetismWhen a _________ material is placed near a magnet, it will be repelled from the region of greater magnetic fieldbismuth, copper, gold, silver lead water people frogsDiamagnetic elementsParamagnetismWhen a _________ material is placed near a magnet, it will be attracted toward the region of greater magnetic field.The difference is that the attraction is weak.Liquid oxygen aluminumparamagnetic materials.leg godtplay wellMouldsare made in Germany to a precision tolerance as fine as 0.002 mmrobotcan be defined as a programmable, self-controlled device consisting of electronic, electrical, or mechanical units