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Westward Expansion

Why did people move west?
For a better life, farming, cities were crowded and dirty, and the homestead act.
What was the Homestead Act?
1862- it promised free land to anybody who paid a filing fee($10) and farmed it for 5 consecutive years.
Transcontinental Railroad
It united the country, cheaper, faster, safer, easier, transported supplies and people.
What was the Impact from the Transcontinental Railroad?
more people moved west, created more jobs, economy grew, and the country became more powerful.
Who built the Transcontinental Railroad?
Irish and chinese people.
How did government support the railroads?
They gave free land to the Railroad company.
Life on the Great Plains
summers were boiling hot, the winter was freezing, water was scarce, and women were vital to survival.
Why were women the 1st to vote?
It was a way for men to show how thankful they were of the women.
Why did government want to take the land they gave to the indians back?
Gold, fertile soil, and silver was found on the land.
What was the Oklahoma Land rush?
Free land was unavailable. Government forced indians to sell their land. Government said farmers could own free homesteads in Oklahoma.
How were Buffalo critical to indian ways of life?
Indians use Buffalo for food and clothing.
Why did Buffalo begin to disappear?
Drought and disease killed off the Buffalo's.
How did the government treat the Indians?
The government told indians to keep to a limited area. In return they would get animals, money, and land. The government took back the land because there was gold in it.
What was the purpose of setting up Reservations?
Government set up forts to protect white settlers. To do this they needed to keep indians away.
What was the impact from the buffalo decline?
Indians needed to find another food source. The government now needed to provide them with food which meant government was in control of them.
What was the Dawes Act?
1887- encouraged indians to become farmers. They wanted to make indians "american."
How did the government plan to make indians "american?"
1. make indians farmers 2. make indians competitive 3. move them into wooden houses.
What was the result of making indians "american?"
What were boarding schools for?
to change the children of the indians.
How did the boarding schools work?
1. taught the children english 2. changed their clothes 3. gave boys haircuts 4. changed their names to "american."