Molecular biology - lab

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Plasmids are: (ch2)
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What is the advantages of Organic Extraction of total RNA? (Ch5)Versatile Scalable Established and proven technology InexpensiveWhat is a disadvantages of Organic Extraction of total RNA? (Ch5)Organic solvents Not high-throughput RNA may contain contaminating genomic DNAThe DNA can be removed from the gel by....(ch6)Southern blotting.Why We use agarose gel electrophoresis?(ch6)to determine the presence and size of PCR products.Why we use paraffin oil in PCR reacted solution?(ch7-PCR Lab)used to avoid evaporation. when your amplification in the high temperature, the fluid will dry.Why we use bromophenol blue in PCR reacted solution?(ch7-PCR Lab)is coloring agent, marking the product.Why replication stops in the Sanger Technique?(ch8-DNA SEQUENCING Practical)Because they lack the -OH (which allows nucleotides to join a growing DNA strand).The Sanger Technique requires:(ch8-DNA SEQUENCING Practical) A- Multiple copies of single stranded template DNA. B- A suitable primer. C- DNA polymerase D- All of the aboveD- All of the aboveThe process of genetic alteration by pure DNA called.....(ch9-Bacterial Transformation)TransformationNumerate the steps of Bacterial Transformation:(ch9-Bacterial Transformation)1- Choose a plasmid to transform 2- Introducing plasmids into bacterial cells 3- Plate transformation solution on appropriate media 4- Incubate plates overnightE. coli grows in the human body and is therefore incubated at.....(ch9-Bacterial Transformation)body temperature ( 37 C )DNA can be extracted for analysis from........(ch10-SOUTHERN BLOTTING)hair, bones, saliva, sperm, skin, organs, all body tissues and blood.The deoxyribonucleic acid, DNA, is a long chain of nucleotides which consist of: (ch10-SOUTHERN BLOTTING) A-Deoxyribose(sugar with 5 carbons) B- Phosphate groups C- Organic(nitrogenous)bases D- All of the aboveD- All of the aboveIs a technique used for the study of gene expression called........(ch11&12-Southern, Northern and Western blotting)Northern Blotting.Northern Blotting is done by detection of:(ch11&12-Southern, Northern and Western blotting) A- particular RNA (or isolated mRNA). B- particular DNA. C- protein. D- ribosome.A- particular RNA (or isolated mRNA).