AP European History Unit V "The Age of Napoleon and the Triumph of Romanticism"+"The Conservative Order and Challenges of Reform"

Napoleon's victories in Italy culminated in the Treaty of....
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The greatest of the German Romantic writers was......GoetheConstable and other Romantics tended to idealize...Rural LifeJohn Wesley was the leader of the......Methodist MovementsHegel believed ideas....Developed in an evolutionary fashionThe single most powerful ideology of the nineteenth century was......NationalismDuring the nineteenth century, nationalists challenged the political status quo in......Ireland, Italy, Austia, and Spain.Economic liberals favored...Free tradeLiberalism and nationalism Posed the greatest threat to the status quo in?AustriaLouis XVIII agreed to a constitution known as the...CharterFerdinand VII of Spain initially promised toGovern according to a written constitutionA full-fledged slave rebellion erupted in Haiti in1791In 1821, Simon Bolívar was named president of..VenezuelaIn 1822, Dom Pedro became emperor of.....BrazilThe Decemberist revolt was lead by.....Junior officersNicholas I saw serfdom asA great evil but too dangerous to reformIn the French elections of 1830, the liberalsWon a stunning victoryWhen Charles X abdicated the French throne, he was succeeded byLouis PhilippeThe Great Reform Bill increased the number of voters by50 percentThe Concert of Europe was....an arrangement for resolving mutual foreign policy issues