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MMT of Shoulder


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anterior deltoid

90 degrees

stabilizes scapular and clavicle

resistance to antromedial aspect of joint proximal to elbow joint
latissimus dorsi, Teres Major

stabilizes scapula

resistance to antromedial aspect of joint proximal to elbow joint
Middle deltoid; Supraspinatus

stabilizes scapula
Internal rotation

shoulder abd 90 elbow flex 90
stabilizes humerus
applies resistance proximal to wrist on posterior aspect of forearm
External rotation
Infraspinatus and Teres minor
Horizontal Adduction
pectoralis minor
horizontal abduction
posterior deltoid
scapular abduction and lateral rotation
Serratus Anterior

prone shoulder flexed to 90 and elbow extended over edge
and scapula protracted (instruct client to punch floor)

therapist stabilizes scapula apply resistance at distal end of humerus

resistance direction: scapula Adduction
scapular elevation
Upper trapezius and Levator Scapulae

bring acromion process closer to ear in seated position

places hand over lateral aspect of pt head applies resistance over top of shoulders

resistance direction: scapula depression
scapular adduction
Middle trapezius

prone with shoulders abducted to 90 over edge of table

stabilize scapula applies resistance over proximal humerus

resistance direction: scapula abduction
Scapular adduction and medial rotation
Rhomboid minor and major

prone with dorsum of hand placed over buttocks
patient raises arm away from back

stabilize trunk and apply resistance over scapula

resistance direction: scapula abduction and lateral rotation
scapular depression and adduction
lower trapezius

prone with shoulders abducted to 130

therapist stabilizes scapula and applies resistance at scapula and proximal humerus

resistance direction : scapular elevation and abduction