MICRO 302 Lab 24-27

Obligate (Strict) Aerobes
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Thermophilesheat lovers 45-70° CHyperthermophilesextreme heat >70°C (158°F)Psychrotrophsclassified as mesophiles, but capable of growth at low tempsNeutrophilesgrow in 5.6-8.5 pHAcidophilesgrow in 1-5.5 pHAlkaliphilesgrow in 8.6-14 pHHypotonic SolutionSolute concentration on outside of cell is lower than in the cell ◦ Water flows into the cells ◦ Can cause cell to swell and lyseObligate halophilesrequire high salt (15-30%) to growHalotolerantdon't require salt, but capable of growth in moderate concentrationsOsmophilesgrow in high sugar