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  1. Product
  2. Stakeholder
  3. Brand Competitor
  4. Target Market
  5. Disposable Income
  1. a Firms that market products with similar features and benefits to the same customers at similar prices
  2. b After-tax income
  3. c Constituents who have a "stake," or claim, in some aspect of a company;s products, operations, markets, industry, and outcomes
  4. d The group of customers on which marketing efforts are focused
  5. e A good, service, or idea

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  1. The results of a company matching a core competency to opportunities it has discovered in the marketplace
  2. ...
  3. A long-term view, or vision, of what the organization wants to become
  4. The process of collecting information about forces in the marketing environment
  5. ...Take care of it before vs. Take care of it after

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  1. ExchangeThe provision or transfer or goods, services, or ideas in return for something of value


  2. Marketing ConceptThe competitive, economic, political, legal, and regulatory, technological, and sociocultural forces that surround the customer and affect the marketing mix


  3. ProsperityA good, service, or idea


  4. Pure Competition...


  5. Sales orientationAn organizationwide commitment to researching and responding to customer needs