BIO 461 Exam 1

T or F: an organism's upper thermal limit is determined by the temperature at which their proteins denature
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The Gaia Hypothesis states that the Earth and its inhabitants work together in a symbiotic relationship to keep each other going. The biota of Earth affect its "health" as does Earth affect its constituents' health. The idea is that each are living beings with an important role in each other's wellbeing.
1. Coevolutionary Gaia: states that the biota and the earth coevolve and that their actions have negative and positive feedback loops that set the stage for coevolutionary change.
2. Homeostatic Gaia: states that interactions between the biota and the physical environment serve to maintain homeostasis, specifically in terms of climate.
3. Optimizing Gaia: states that biotic control of the physical environment creates optimal conditions for the biosphere.
Which of the following describes the range of temperatures over which an organism can survive?Optimum temperature????Describe the "hotter is better" hypothesisThe idea that organisms with higher optimal temperatures will perform better due to increased enzymatic rates.Give an example of a niche shift due to metamorphosis.Some organism's occupy different niches as they metamorphose into different life stages. For example, one parasite has three different life stages, and it does not infect new hosts until the third and final life stage.Which term refers to the allocation of resources to one structure or function at the expense of another? a) trade-off b) alternation of generations c) complex lifestyle d) direct developmenta) trade-offList one benefit and one drawback to small larval sizeDrawback: more vulnerable to predators, not suited for competition. benefit: more suited for dispersal and/or dormancy.What is the difference between genetic drift and gene flow?Genetic drift: causes changes in small populations after random events. Gene flow: causes transfer of alleles from one population another due to movement of individuals/gametes.Define adaptive evolutionThe passing on of alleles that increase fitness by introducing or improving mechanisms that support survival/reproduction.Which level of organization evolves? a) individuals b) populations c) communities d) ecosystemsb) populationsExplain how a population can go extinct, even if suitable habitat patches still existWhen habitat patches become more isolated, immigration/emigration becomes more difficult, decreasing the population size and making the population more prone to extinction.What is the "rescue effect"?When a population is protected from extinction by high amounts of immigration, diminishing issues associated with small population size.What is inbreeding depression?Inbreeding depression is the result of multiple generations of inbreeding which cause a reduction in fitness due to the fixation of deleterious/harmful genes.