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Who arrived to Mexico in the 16th century and mixed their cooking styles and flavors with those of the indigenous population?


Why is Mexico City referred to as a "culinary melting pot."?

They have a wide variety of food

When was the tomato introduced to Europe?

16th century

Chocolate, avocado, chiles and what come from Mexico?

green beans

What 3 ingredients go into Pico de gallo?

onions, tomatos, solonfre

At what time do Mexicans have their lunch

3:00 pm

In 1519 this Spanish conquistador built the new capital of Spain and introduced hens and eggs. Because of this, eggs are popular in Mexico.


Eggs that are separated on the plate are called

Huevo div or ciados

How many varieties of chiles are there?


Which chile is the staple of Mexican cuisine?


The heat of a chile is measure in scovile units. What sized chiles are the hottest?

The Smallest

The hottest chile of all is the


What child dish requires the the chile be roasted?

Stuffed chile

In the state of Oaxaca, there are over 3 million inhabitants and 16 different ethnic groups, most of which don't speak Spanish. However, they share a yummy delicacy. What is it?

Roasted grass hopper

This food is the most important culinary contribution in the world and it was used as money by Montezuma. It was also used in a beverage known at "The Drink of the Gods"


To make chocolate, one must dry roast and crush these

cocoa beans

The chocolate stores in Oaxaca allow customer to design their chocolate by allowing the to add their favorite amounts of these ingredients

Sugar, almonds and cinnamon (SAC)

What is the national dish of Mexico and where was it invented?

Mole poblano invented in Puebla

A nun invented Mexico's national dish when she was asked to make a special dish for a bishop who visited unexpectedly. What was her name?

Sister Andrea

This is the birthplace of vanilla and it is also grown here

Vera Cruz

Vanilla is the 2nd most expensive spice in the world. The first is


The Totemic Indians celebrate vanilla harvest each year. Some of them known as ???, spiral upside down from a pole for up to 15 minutes


Vanilla and lime are used to make this creamy caramel treat


This is the first place where the Spanish landed when they conquered Mexico. It sits not he Gulf of Mexico and is known for their seafood dishes. In addition, there's a dish named after it

Vera Cruz

What is Vuelva a la vida?

Back to life

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