Chapter 1 APUSH

The freedom of a christian man or woman meant/means:
subservience, submission, and servitude to God
which european country did not have a colonial presence in seventeenth-century North America?
The first african slaves were transported to the New World in what year?
ohio river valley indians
large earthen burial mounds
near present day st. louis
10000 or more people built gian earthen mounds
present day louisiana
people build a series of gian semi-circular mounds
in european exploration, conquest, and colonization of the New World after 1492 all of the following were true:
Europeans imagined the americas as a place of golden cities and fountains of yourth.
africans were enslaved and treated with great cruelty.
milions of indians died from diseases brought over by europeans.
American Indians
arrived in america as early as 60000 to 15000 years ago.
agriculture emerged in mexico and teh adnes about the same time it was invented in ancient mesopotamia, about 9000 years ago.
there were no large domesticable animals for use as livestock or to pull plows in the americas
On the eve of the colonization of the New World, Europe had
Laws limiting freedom of religious worship.
Modern civil liberties--such as freedom of speech--did not exist.
Governments suppressed publications they did not like.
Native American civilization prior to the voyages of Columbus
The Aztec and Inca empires were based in modern-day Mexico and Peru, respectively.Agricultural, settled societies originated in modern-day Mexico All were descended from hunters who had crossed the Bering Straits during the Ice Age.approximately 9,000 years ago.
The English government in the seventeenth century was:
a mixed government in which the power of the king was restrained.
In the 1500s and 1600s, the Spanish in Central and South America relied on many of which of the following groups to work fields and mines?
The oldest site in the present-day United States to be continuously inhabited by Europeans is:
St. Augustine, Florida.
Which was not an aspect of Native American religious beliefs?
Their written religious text was called the Wicca.
Which of the following werep rominent cultural beliefs among Indian societies of North America?
Land was there for the use of the tribe as a whole, not for the enrichment of individuals.
Spiritual power resided in all aspects of the natural world.
Hunting and fishing were for men; farming was largely for women.
Which was not expressed by Bartolome de Las Casas in A Very Brief Account of the Destruction of the Indes in 1552?
He believed that Indians ought to be allowed to continue to practice their native faiths as a true sign of Christian love and toleration.
Which of the following was not a notable feature of sixteenth-century Spanish America?
The Spanish crown took little interest in the administration of colonial affairs.
A significant outcome of the Portuguese arrival in West Africa was:
an expansion of Africa's internal slave trade
The chief goal of fifteenth-century Portuguese expansion was:
the establishment of a trading empire in Asia.
Which was not a characteristic of "couverture"?
Children became the property of the state upon a husband's death
Which of the following was a characteristic or action of the Pueblo Indians of the Southwest?
They diverted the Colorado River as part of their ritualistic ancestor-worship.
Which was not a means by which Cortez conquered the Aztecs?
He bombarded the Aztec capital from his Spanish galleons.