Quiz 4 EDUC 230

In the context of four distinct periods in how learning disabilities have been understood, as identified by Wiederholt in 1974, the foundational phase emphasized ______.
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Which of the following is the most frequently reported problem for students with learning disabilities with estimates as high as 90%?problems related to readingPhonological awareness manifests itself in the ability to ______.break down speech into smaller parts such as sounds or syllablesIdentify an accurate characteristic of students with word recognition problems.difficulty blending sounds togetherTrue or false: All students with learning disabilities have reading problems.FalseLack of coordination in students with learning disabilities causes ______ in them.poor handwritingThe ability to quickly name stimuli such as digits, letters, or pictures of simple objects is known as ____ _____ _____Blank 1: rapid Blank 2: automatic Blank 3: namingWhich of the following factors tends to cause problems in reading comprehension in students with learning disabilities?vocabulary deficits_____ _____ _____ (RTI) is a process to determine possible learning disabilities based on the student's response to scientific, research-based interventions.Blank 1: Response Blank 2: to Blank 3: interventionIdentify the most routinely administered areas that are evaluated through standardized testing. (Check all that apply.)intelligence achievementIdentify causes behind poor handwriting of students with learning disabilities. (Check all that apply.)difficulty remembering visual impressions poor fine-motor skills faulty visual perception of letters and wordsIn the context of instructional content, identify an accurate statement about conditional knowledge.It allows for self-regulation in learning.The task analysis method that is used by teachers to organizing and sequencing curriculum for students with learning disabilities begins when a teacher ______.chooses a learning exercise appropriate for the child to master and states the terminal objective in behavioral termsWhich of the following is a characteristic of the response to the intervention process?It helps in testing the eligibility of a student for the reauthorization of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.Identify the core characteristics of the response to intervention (RtI) model. (Check all that apply.)Continuous monitoring of student performances. Screening for academic and behavioral problems. High-quality research-based instruction in students' general education settingWhat happens in the guided-practice step of direct instruction that is used with students with learning disabilities? (Check all that apply.)Students demonstrate what a teacher has modeled. Teachers give additional explanations and examples. Students explain any problems they have.It is important to obtain a valid estimate of a student's intelligence because the category of learning disabilities typically excludes those individuals whose intelligence quotient (IQ) is ______.below 75Organizing the instructional environment plays a significant role in ______.introducing order into the chaotic lives of students with learning disabilitiesIn the context of instructional content for students with learning disabilities, identify the subprocess of knowledge that is typically the focus of educational instruction and assessment.declarative knowledgeIdentify an accurate statement about the task analysis method that has been found to be especially effective for students with learning disabilities.It helps teachers to organize and sequence the curriculum.An instructional procedure that maintains several fundamental and sequential components of effective instruction for students with learning disabilities is called ______ ______Blank 1: direct Blank 2: instruction_______ Are defined as the support provided by a teacher to students with learning disabilities until they are ready to assume control of learning.Blank 1: ScaffoldsWhich of the following areas have to be addressed while making decisions about the instructional environment for students with learning disabilities? (Check all that apply.)Selecting the best option in grouping students for instructional purposes. Determining the physical arrangement of the classroom.Technology for teaching academics to students with learning disabilities generally falls under the umbrella term ______ technology.assistiveWhich of the following are the components of a good presentation that a teacher uses in direct instruction to enhance the achievement of students with learning disabilities? (Check all that apply.)a rationale presentation of the skill or strategy an advance organizerIdentify a true statement about accommodations.They allow students to bypass their disabilities and better access the general curriculum.Identify an accurate statement about assistive technology that can be used to teach students with learning disabilities.Assistive technology improves access for students to the general education curriculum.A(n) ______ is a change in the input or output method used by the teacher or the student related to the intended instructional outcome without changing the content or conceptual level.accommodation