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Nucleic Acids - Topic 1

What is the difference between Nucleoside and Nucleotide
Nucleotide contains a phosphate, Nucleosides do not.
Process by which nucleotides are added to the 3' end of a DNA strand
5' and 3' ends
You can't replicate from 3' to 5' because it is too difficult to make the bond from the OH to the phosphate
What are the 3 components of Nucleic acid?
Base, Sugar, Phosphate group
Where does the base connect in a nucleic acid?
Where does the phosphate connect in a nucleic acid?
Which part contains the OH group?
What is the difference between DNA and RNA?
DNA runs antiparallel with RNA, DNA contains Thymine and RNA contains Uridine. DNA lacks an OH group. DNA is double stranded
How do you tell a purine?
2 rings
How do you tell a Pyramidine?
1 ring
What is Adenine?
Purine. two rings, (Angels and God are pure)(Absent Oxygen)
How can you tell if it's Guanine?
Purine. (angels and God are pure) Has oxygen
How do you know if it's Thymine?
One ring (Pyramidine) -T-wo Oxygens
One ring (Pyramidine) - Has NH2
One ring - Two oxygens. CONTAINS NO CH3
How can you find the 5' end in a molecule?
5' generally has a free phosphate group
How can you find a 3' end?
generally has a hydroxyl group
Why are DNA and RNA called acids if they are negatively charged?
They more readily donate protons than accept them.