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Anatomy Lab 4

above sternum, L and R
shoulder blades
Spine of Scapula
ridge running on back of scapula
supra spinous fossa
indentation above spine of scapula
Infra spinous fossa
indentation below spine of scapula
Subscapular fossa
indentation closest to rib bones
glenoid fossa
smooth spot where arm bone rotates in.
Acromion process
part that attaches to clavicle, continuation of spine of scapula
Coracoid process
just superior to glenoid process
single bone in arm
greater tubricle
larger lateral protrusion on humerus
lesser tubricle
smaller medial protrusion on humerous
deltoid tuberosity
halfway down, bump on side of bone
medial epicondyle
large protrusion on base of humerus
lateral epicondyle
small protrusion on base of humerus
Olecranon fossa
indentation at base of humerus
saddle shaped/ spool shaped area where ulna articulates
ball shaped area where radius articulates
pinky side (distinct c-shaped area called trodelear notch)
Thumb Side (circular end like no other)
Styloid process of ulna
distal end of ulna
Styloid process of radius
distal end of radius
Radial tuberosity
large rough protrusion distal to head of radius
small bones that make up wrist
make up bones of hand
single form of phalanges
bones of foot
bones making up top of foot and ankle
much larger of two leg bones
Thinner of two leg bones
Medial malleolus
distal end of tibia
Lateral malleolus
distal end of fibula
tibial tuberosity
protrusion on proximal end of tibia, where quads connect
Condyles of tibia
where tibia articulates with femur
Intercondylar eminence
between tibia condyle, raised protrusion
Patellar surface
distal anterior side of femur
Head of femur
huge protrusion of femur
neck of femur
right under the head of femur
greater trochanter
huge knob of bone lateral to head of femur
lesser trochanter
inferior protrusion to the head of femur
Big blades of pelvis
anterior part of pelvis
Small part of pelvic bone
Iliac Crest
ridge of ilium
Posterior superior iliac spine
dimples on butt
Aurricular surface of ilium
ear shaped part of pelvis
Large cup shaped of ilium, where head of femur slides in
Obturator Foramen
Big hole on anterior part of pelvis
Ischial Tuberosity
Rough spot on posterior part of pelvis
Pubic symphysis
two pelvic bones come together on anterior side