22 terms

Geometry Vocabulary

Mr. Alspach's class at Holland New Tech High School
acute angle
an angle measuring less than 90º
angle bisector
a line that divides an angle into two equal parts
an accepted statement of fact, same as a postulate
to divide exactly in half
collinear points
all the points that lie on the same line
congruent angles
angles that have exactly the same measure of degrees; equal angles
congruent segments
line segments that are exactly the same length
the x and y values (x, y) of a point on a coordinate plane
all the points that lie on the same plane
a series of points extending in two opposite directions without end
obtuse angle
an angle measuring more than 90º
opposite rays
two collinear rays with the same endpoint, same as a line
parallel lines
coplanar lines that do not intersect
perpendicular bisector
a line that intersects another line at its midpoint and at a 90º angle
a (virtual) flat surface that has no thickness
a location that has no size, usually represented by a dot named by a capital letter
an accepted statement of fact, same as an axiom
an endpoint and all the points on a line on one side of the endpoint
right angle
an angle that measure exactly 90º
the part of a line consisting of two endpoints and all the points between them
skew lines
noncoplanar lines; therefore they do not intersect
straight angle
and angle that measures exactly 180º

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