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Unidad 2 - Parte 2 - Target Questions & Responses

This will help you to ask and answer key questions about classroom objects.

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How many? (masculine form)
How many? (feminine form)
Are there ___?
¿Hay ____?
Is there ____?
There is.../There are...
I have...
Yo tengo...
...in my classroom
...en mi salón de clase
How many clocks are there?
¿Cuántos relojes hay?
There is a clock.
Hay un reloj.
How many windows are there?
¿Cuántas ventanas hay?
There are two windows.
Hay dos ventanas.
Is there a telephone?
¿Hay un teléfono?
No, there isn't a telephone.
No, no hay un teléfono.
Are there some computers?
¿Hay unas computadoras?
Yes, there are a lot of computers.
Sí, hay muchas computadoras.