Chapter 4 - Western Civ - People

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PericlesAthenians leader after the Persian Wars(the golden age);ThalesGreek philosopher; water as "basic" substanceDemocritusGreek philosopher; atoms- building blocks that make up everythingHeraclituspre-Socratic philosopher; explained changeSocratesAthenian philosopher; hated the sophise; believed object truth exists, used the socratic methodPlatostudent of socrates; founder of the Academy in Athens; how the world worksAristotlegreek philosopher; student of plato; four causes - material, formal, efficient, final(purpose)Sophoclesgreek writer of tragedies; three theban plays - Oedipus Rex, Oedipus at Colonus, AntigoneAeschylusgreek writer of tragedies; Oresteia TrilogyHistorianA person who studies the pastHerodotusfather of history; wrote about the Persian WarsThucydideswrote about the Peloponnesian Wars; lack of bias