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a brief descriptive name, title, or adjective that qualifies a person, place or thing


a writer addresses an abstract concept or absent person (written in 2nd person)


the use of repeated consonant sounds at the beginning of words


the repetition of the same vowel sounds


the use of repeated consonant sounds at the ends of words


comparison between two dissmilar things using like or as


a direct comparison between to things

homeric simile

an extended simile which compared something familiar to Homer's audience to something unfamiliar, such as an unusually large or heroic action


creating mental pictures to express meaning


an exaggerated statement used to heighten effect


words that imitate the sounds of things they represent

verbal irony

saying one thing but meaning the opposite

dramatic irony

the audience or reader knows something important that a character does not know


combination of stressed or unstressed words or syllables which create a pattern

character foil

a character who is used in contrast to another character- serves to emphasize the differences between the two

parallel structure

the repetition of words, phrases, or sentences that have the same gramamatical pattern and restate a similar idea


the intentional repeating of words, phrases, lines, or ideas to create a musical or rhythmic effect


a type of metaphor in which a nunhuman thing of quality is talked about as if it were human


a technique by which an author gives hints about a future event


a literary device by which chronological narrative is interupted by the recollection of a scene from the past


a reference to past events in history, religion, mythology...

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