Cramerton 8 chapter 3 test

The 1st permanent English settlement in North America
The word found by John White written on a tree
Headright system
Granted 50 acres of land per person for colonist who pay their way overseas
1st town in NC
Queen Elizabeth I
Granted Walter Raleigh a charter to start English colony in North America
The location of the "Lost Colony"
Dependent on Native Americans
This reason why 1st colonist were not successful in the New World
Spain and England was at war
This reason why John White was unable to immediately return to Roanoke.
The 1st successful agricultural product introduced to Jamestown, VA
Indentured Servants
The 1st Africans arrived in VA as this
Naval Stores
Stores that sold forest products such as barrels, planks, and tar
Cash Crop
Tobacco, Rice, and Indigo
Proprietary Colony
King Charles granted this type of colony to the Lords Proprietors
Local Government
Governor, Council, Assembly
Effects of the Tuscarora War
Huge debt, fleeing settlers, united colony, better roads
Reason for pirates succeeding
Shallow waters, hiding places, and isolation
The moravians belonged to this group
Economy of NC
Agriculture, Naval Stores, and Livestock
Edward Teach
John Rolfe
Married Pocahontas and introduced tobacco to VA
Stede Bonnet
Gentlemen's Pirate
NC had this population of slaves
Edward Hyde
1st governor of NC
Great Wagon Road
The path settlers of the Piedmont took to travel down to NC
Popular Party
Supported local rule of NC
Virginia Dare
1st English child born in the New World
The Golden Age of Piracy
1689-1718 when pirates were successful and ruled the high seas
Prerogative Party
supported the King and Proprietors
Lords Proprietors
received Carolina in return for support of Charles II
Vestry Act
Act the made Anglican church official church of NC
Land of Charles
Slaves and Indians
Achieved the lowest social class in NC
Cary's Rebellion
A protest spurred by the division of Carolina