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Module 4 411 chapters 15,16,22

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Pain Management
Perineal Care
Episiotomy care
Hemorrhoid care
Signs and symptoms of complications
Prenatal vitamins & calcium
Follow up care
Accommodations for ADL's at home
Sexual Activity
Family Wellness
Hand washing
Reaction of siblings

Definition: full, hard and painful breast
Usually occurs 3-4 days after delivery
Use warm compresses for discomfort prior to feeding
s/s of infection: red streaks, localized pain or heat, and/or fever
Hand express, manual pump, and/or electric pump after feeding infant to empty breasts

manual express/pump
An effective way to help with engorgement or to store breast milk
Start after milks supply is established
Breastfeed infant first then pump for storing milk
Stored breast milk can be in the refrigerator for 7 days, regular freezer for 3 months, and a deep freezer for 6 months
Label all stored milk with date and time pumped

re-heating breast milk
Thaw frozen milk in the refrigerator
Breast milk should be given to infant at room temperature
If needed breast milk can be thawed in a cup with warm tap water
NEVER heat in a microwave or place in boiling water

Continue with a well balanced diet
If breastfeeding increase caloric intake by 500 calories per day
Drink at least 3-4 hospital water pitchers (8-10 glasses) per day (staying hydrated helps bring in milk supply and help to relieve constipation
Increase fiber intake to help with constipation

Start Kegel exercises when ready to help strengthen pelvic floor
(VAG) gentle abdominal and leg exercises are encouraged, go for walks with infant, do not start strenuous exercise until medically cleared at follow up visit
(c/S) no heavy lifting or driving for 6 weeks or until cleared by provider, slowly increase activity with walking as much as possible
Don't lift anything heavier than the infant in the beginning

perineal care:
Shower daily and change pad regularly
Report to md if soak more than a pad an hr.
Bleeding should be like a period
Continue to use peri bottle, tucks, and dermaplast as long as it is comfortable
Continue sitz bath as needed for laceration or episiotomy
Nothing in the vagina (no sex, douching, tampons) until you see md for postpartum follow up visit.
Monitor for s/s of infection (extreme pain, foul odor, drainage or discharge)

bowel habits:
If constipated increase fluid and fiber intake
For severe constipation notify md
Hemorrhoids-apply tucks or cream as needed
Discuss laxative use with md

birth control:
Breastfeeding is not a form of birth control. Even if no bleeding is present while breastfeeding you can still get pregnant
No sexual intercourse until postpartum follow up appointment with md
There are many options for birth control. Make sure you have an idea of what you want to use when you go to your postpartum appointment
You should get on some kind of birth control so you can let your body completely heal before getting pregnant again.
Birth control Options include condoms, birth control, iud, depo-prevera, and many others

post part depress:
Postpartum blues is normal, postpartum depression is not
Feelings of sadness in normal because of all the hormones after delivery
Blues is short term, depression is if the sadness last longer than 2 weeks or affects taking Care of self or infant
Its ok to get help
To help during this time: rest as much as possible (sleep when the infant sleeps) and accept all help that is offered

incison care:
Shower regularly but there is no need to scrub incision
Keep area dry and clean
Watch for s/s of infection- greenish discharge, foul odor, pain, redness, and heat
Allow steri-strips to fall off on their own do not peel them off