Chapter 4-6 study Guide

If a DNA molecule were known to be 22% thymine (T), what would be the percentage of guanine (G) present?
a) 8%
b) 11%
c) 22%
d) 28%
e) 78%
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Hemophilia is caused by a sex-linked recessive allele. This means that _______
a) women can be carriers but cannot get hemophilia
b) the gene is found on the Y chromosome
c) a man can give the allele to his son but not to his daughter
d) a son who has hemophilia inherited the allele from his mother
e) a son who has hemophilia inherited the allele from his father
Rapid diffusion of oxygen and carbon dioxide through the air sacs (alveoli) of the lungs takes place through __________ epithelium. a) simple squamous b) simple cuboidal c) simple columnar d) keratinized stratified squamous e) nonkeratinized stratified squamoussimple squamousSome simple columnar and pseudostratified columnar epithelia have _________ cells, which produce a protective mucous coating over the mucous membranes. a) fibrous b) blood c) basal d) keratinized e) gobletgobletAn example of a highly vascular tissue is __________ tissue. An example of a tissue that is not highly vascular is a) epithelial; cartilage b) muscular; osseous tissue c) dense regular connective; dense irregular connective tissue d) areolar; cartilage e ) nervous; osseous tissueareolar; cartilageA connective tissue fiber refers to a(n) __________, a nerve fiber refers to a(n) __________, and a muscle fiber refers to a(n) __________. a) entire cell; organelle; tissue b) organelle; entire cell; part of a cell c) organelle; entire cell; complex of macromolecules d)complex of macromolecules; entire cell; part of a cell e) complex of macromolecules; part of a cell; entire cellcomplex of macromolecules; part of a cell; entire cellAstronauts in zero gravity are able to move food through their digestive tracts because a) smooth muscle produces waves of contractions that propel material through the digestive tract b) skeletal muscle puts pressure on the digestive tract c) cardiac muscle maintains a high pressure that moves material through the digestive tract d) striated muscle creates a pressure gradient that forces material from one end of the digestive tract to the other e) skeletal muscle sphincters contract and allow materials to move through the digestive tractsmooth muscle produces waves of contractions that propel material through the digestive tract__________ tissues respond quickly to outside stimuli by means of changes in membrane potential. a) Excitable b) Responsive c) Adipose d) Epithelial e) ConnectiveExcitableGlands that have branched ducts and secretory cells that form sacs at one end of the ducts are classified as ___________ glands. a) areolar b) simple acinar c) simple coiled tubular d) compound acinar e) compound tubuloacinarcompound acinarThe replacement of damaged tissue with scar tissue is called a) necrosis b) apoptosis c) gangrene d) regeneration e) fibrosisfibrosisEthnic differences in skin color are primarily caused by differences in ___________. a) UV radiation exposure b) the quantity of hemoglobin carried in the blood c) the quantity of melanin produced d) the number of melanocytes e) the number of keratinocytesthe quantity of melanin producedWhich skin color is most likely to result from anemia? a) Pallor b) Erythema c) Hematoma d) Albinism e) JaundicePallorWhich layer of the epidermis consists of up to 30 layers of dead cells? a) Stratum basale b)Stratum spinosum c) Stratum granulosum d) Stratum lucidum e) Stratum corneumStratum corneumThe contraction of the arrector muscles in humans causes a) hairs to stand on end, trapping an insulating layer of warm air next to the skin b) generation of heat to raise the body temperature c) hairs to stand on end to make the individual appear bigger d) hairs to stand on end with no apparent function e) increased ability to feel painhairs to stand on end with no apparent functionA hair cycle consists of three developmental stages in which order? a) Anagen, telogen, and catagen b) Anagen, catagen, and telogen c) Catagen, anagen, and telogen d) Catagen, telogen, and anagen e) Telogen, anagen, and catagenAnagen, catagen, and telogenExcessive hairiness is called a) telogenism b) anagenism c) catagenism d) alopecia e) hirsutismhirsutismThe oil of your scalp is secreted by __________ glands associated with the hair follicles. a) merocrine sweat b) apocrine sweat c) sebaceous d) ceruminous e) eccrine sweatsebaceousIn whom are fully developed mammary glands found? a) In lactating females b) In lactating and non-lactating females c) In non-lactating females d) In non-lactating females and malesIn lactating femalesMammary glands are modified __________ glands that develop within the female breasts. a) merocrine b) apocrine c) ceruminous d) sebaceous e) eccrineapocrineBasal cell carcinoma initially affects cells of the stratum a) spinosum b) germinativum c) corneum d) basale e) lucidumbasale