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  1. pons; medulla oblongata; folia; arbor vitae; purkinje; purkinje cell; lateral hemispheres
  2. False
  3. cerebellum
  4. flocculonodular lobe
  5. mood
  1. a This portion of the brain has gray cortex and nuclei with white matter (tracts) between.
  2. b T or F: The medulla oblongata only has descending nerve tracts.
  3. c
    a b c d e f g
  4. d Thalamus:
    anterior and medial nuclei connected to limbic system = ____ modification
  5. e Part of the cerebellum that controls balance and eye movements.

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  1. The brain is the _____ center for many of the body's functions and is much like a complex _______.
  2. Purkinje cells receive ______ synapses, are ______, and are the only cereballar cortex neurons that send axons to the cerebellar ______.
  3. _____-soluble substances pass through the BBB by diffusion.
    _____-soluble substances pass through the BBB by mediated transport.
  4. Portion of the midbrain that houses the two twin bodies (superior and inferior colliculus)
  5. Def.: Internal organs collectively (especially those in the abdominal cavity).

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  1. association fibersFibers that connect one hemisphere to the other.


  2. superior colliculiTwo are found in the corpora quadrigemina.
    Involved in visual reflexes; receive information from inferior colliculi, eyes, skin, and cerebrum.


  3. subdural; subarachnoidSpace between dura and arachnoid mater; only has a small amount of serous fluid within.


  4. infundibulumThis portion of the brain has gray cortex and nuclei with white matter (tracts) between.


  5. temporal lobePart of the brain responsible for reception and evaluation for smell and hearing; emory, abstract thought, judgement.