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  1. gyri
  2. subdural; subarachnoid
  3. olives
  4. motor; somatic sensory
  5. cortex
  1. a ______ space = serous fluid. ______ space = CSF.
  2. b Def.: Nuclei within the medulla oblongata that help regulate balance, coordination, and modulation of sound from inner ear.
  3. c Outer surface of the cerebrum.
  4. d Folds of the cortex of the cerebrum.
  5. e Cerebrum:
    precentral gyrus = primary _____ cortex
    postcentral gyrus = primary _______ _______ cortex

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  1. Thalamus:
    ventral anterior and ventral lateral nuclei = ______ function.
  2. BBB: (Three characteristics determining permeability.)

    ________ cells (lining all capillaries) have tight junctions between them.

    _______ have foot processes that influence capillary _______.

    Basement membrane of endothelium.
  3. T or F: The medulla oblongata has both ascending and descending nerve tracts.
  4. Two are found in the corpora quadrigemina.
    Involved in hearing.
  5. Part of the cerebellum that controls balance and eye movements.

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  1. inferiorThe _______ cerebellar peduncle goes to the medulla oblongata.


  2. diencephalonPart of the brain located between the brainstem and cerebrum.


  3. Circle of Willis


  4. V; IX-XIIGive the numbers of the cranial nerves with nuclei in the medulla oblongata.


  5. 15-20The brain receives __-__% of blood pumped by the heart.