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  1. blood flow
  2. longitudinal; lateral; central
  3. pontine
  4. glossopharyngeal nerve
  5. subthalamus
  1. a Cranial nerve that sends sensory information from the carotid to the brain.
  2. b Part of the diencephalon that contains parts of red nuclei and substantia nigra.
  3. c Def.: Anterior portion of the pons that serves as a relay between the cerebrum and cerebellum.
  4. d Interruption of this to the brain can cause unconsciousness and irreversible brain damage.
  5. e Cerebrum Sulci and Fissures:
    ________ fissure = separates the two hemispheres.
    ________ fissure = separates temporal lobe from frontal and parietal lobes.
    ________ sulcus = separates frontal and parietal lobes

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  1. Space between dura and arachnoid mater; only has a small amount of serous fluid within.
  2. All sympathetic and parasympathetic axons in the head follow branches or this cranial nerve to their target tissues.
  3. Thalamus:
    ventral anterior and ventral lateral nuclei = ______ function.
  4. Most inferior part of the brainstem.
  5. ______ space = serous fluid. ______ space = CSF.

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  1. trigeminalAll sympathetic and parasympathetic axons in the head follow branches of the ______ nerve to their target tissues.


  2. thalamus; hypothalamus; pituitary gland; corpus callosum; epithalamus; subthalamus; cerebellum
    a b c d


  3. infundibulumStalk inside of the hypothalamus extending from floor that connects the hypothalamus to the posterior pituitary gland. Controls the endocrine system.


  4. diencephalonDef.: Internal organs collectively (especially those in the abdominal cavity).


  5. melaninThe part of the CNS contained in the cranial cavity.