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picture frame stage


circle stage


stage with three quarter seating

black box

all-purpose theatre space

fourth wall

from idea of the proscenium opening as a transparent glass wall through which the audience looks at the other three walls of a room


the auditorium itself


the slant of an auditorium


main floor


horseshoe-shaped tiers that ring the auditorium for several floors above the orchestra

fly loft

above the stage used to hold scenery


weights hung on a series of ropes and pulleys balanced the scenery


side pieces moved in and out of the stage picture

stage house

provides for the entrances and exits of the performers as well as for scene changes


type of stage house that has formal doors through which characters entered and excited and served as background for the play

platform stage

arrangement for an outdoor performance

wagon stage

platform on wheels


theaters developed in Spain


raucous, knockabout comedy


exaggerated plot complications and broad physical humor and stereotyped characters


knockabout physical humor, gross exaggeration, and vulgarity


uses wit, irony, and exaggeration to attack or expose evil and foolishness

comedy of manners

points up the foibles and peculiarities of the upper classes

comedy of ideas

use of comic techniques to debate intellectual propositions and to further his own moral and social point of view


a comedy and a serious drama

theatre of the absurd

after WWII, a new type of theatre emerged in europe and the US, Martin Esslin named

existential point of view

existence precedes essence, a person creates himself or herself in the process of living

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