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  1. humid continental
  2. Antarctica
  3. precipitation
  4. steppe
  5. vegetation
  1. a rain, snow, sleet, hail
  2. b partly dry grasslands which surround deserts
  3. c cold, snowy winters and hot summers
  4. d plant life
  5. e world's coldest and windiest area

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  1. hurricane that forms in the Pacific Ocean
  2. elevation above which no trees grow
  3. moving stream of water in the ocean
  4. streams and rivers carry water back to the ocean
  5. warm ocean current that warms northwestern Europe

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  1. rain shadowlush dense vegetation found in the tropics


  2. El Ninowarm water in eastern Pacific about every three years


  3. aquiferrock layer through which water flows


  4. greenhouse effectwater that fills cracks and holes in rock layers beneath the surface


  5. local windcaused by conditions in a particular area