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  1. hurricane
  2. typhoon
  3. savanna
  4. desert
  5. weather
  1. a driest climate region
  2. b hurricane that forms in the Pacific Ocean
  3. c broad tropical grassland with few trees
  4. d changes in the air during a short time
  5. e violent tropical storm that forms over the Atlantic Ocean

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  1. warm water in eastern Pacific about every three years
  2. dry area on the inland side of a mountain
  3. streams and rivers carry water back to the ocean
  4. vast Arctic plain without trees
  5. area with the world's largest rain forest

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  1. humid continentalcold, snowy winters and hot summers


  2. Arctic Circle66 1/2 degrees north latitude


  3. climateviolent tropical storm that forms over the Atlantic Ocean


  4. vegetationheight above sea level


  5. local windeastern winds cool the Pacific


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