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  1. greenhouse effect
  2. water cycle
  3. condensation
  4. Amazon River basin
  5. evaporation
  1. a movement of water from the ocean to the air to the ground and back to the ocean
  2. b water turns from liquid to a gas
  3. c water changes from a gas to a liquid
  4. d gases create a warming of the atmosphere
  5. e area with the world's largest rain forest

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  1. long period of extreme dryness
  2. funnel shaped wind storm
  3. dry area on the inland side of a mountain
  4. streams and rivers carry water back to the ocean
  5. warm ocean current that warms northwestern Europe

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  1. timberlandfunnel shaped wind storm


  2. marine west coastrainy, mild winters and cool summers


  3. vegetationheight above sea level


  4. rain forestlush dense vegetation found in the tropics


  5. desertvast Arctic plain without trees