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  1. Mediterranean
  2. aquifer
  3. collection
  4. timberland
  5. hurricane
  1. a streams and rivers carry water back to the ocean
  2. b mild, rainy, winters and hot, dry summers
  3. c violent tropical storm that forms over the Atlantic Ocean
  4. d rock layer through which water flows
  5. e elevation above which no trees grow

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  1. movement of water from the ocean to the air to the ground and back to the ocean
  2. cold, snowy winters and hot summers
  3. mass of ice made from fresh water
  4. lush dense vegetation found in the tropics
  5. permanently frozen soil layers

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  1. vegetationplant life


  2. evaporationheight above sea level


  3. greenhouse effectgases create a warming of the atmosphere


  4. tundravast Arctic plain without trees


  5. climatewarm water in eastern Pacific about every three years