12 terms

American Vision 1.1

a complex, highly organized society with
trade, government, arts, science, and often a written language
joint-stock company
a business in which investors pool their wealth for a common purpose then share the profits
Christopher Columbus
Italian sea captain in service with Spain who arrived in the Americas in 1492
first permanent English settlement, located near the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia.
separatists who sailed on the Mayflower
subsistence farming
farming that provides only enough for the needs of a family or a village
William Penn
an English Quaker, founded Pennsylvania in 1682; he launched the colony as a "holy experiment" based on religious tolerance.
proprietary colony
owned and ruled by one person who could govern it any way he wanted
indentured servants
colonists who received free passage to North America in exchange for working without pay for a certain number of years
triangular trade
the exchange of goods among the colonies, England, Africa and the Caribbean sugar planters
slave codes
laws passed by southern states that forbade slaves from gathering in groups, owning property, receiving an education, and moving freely
the reason for the founding of English colonies