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  1. Main plant pigment
  2. Fluoresce
  3. Granum (grana plural)
  4. Stomata
  5. Photons
  1. a holes on the underside of a leaf where gas is released
  2. b packets of energy that travel in waves, one of these energizes one electron
  3. c bright green chlorophyll A
    absorbs reds and blues, reflects green and yellow
  4. d when an electron returns to its ground state, releases light
  5. e stacks of thylakoids

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  1. most plants
    goes through the C3 pathway
    normal photosynthesis
  2. 6CO2 +12H20 = C6H12O6 + 6O2

    CO2 and the C6H12O6 are involved in the reduction reaction, H20 and O2 are involved in the oxidation reaction
  3. plants use this as a back up
    bacteria use it to make ATP from sunlight
    probably the first system
  4. chlorophyll b (yellow green)
    carotenoids (orange)
  5. C3 photosysthesis
    C4 photosynthesis
    CAM photosynthesis

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  1. Light Independent Reactions/Carbon Fixation ReactionsGOAL=convert to storable form of chemical energy
    1. independent of light
    2. conver inorganic forms of carbon (CO2) into organic form to create glucose
    3. Uses products of the Light-Dependent reactions to fix the carbon


  2. Energy of Light Rays (length)long=less energetic
    short=more energetic


  3. Steps of Chemiosmosis1. Electrons pass from one membrane protein to the next, giving up energy as they pass
    2. fuels hydrogen ion pump, which pump H+ ions (AKA protons) into thylakoid space
    3. H+ ion moves back through ATP synthase, fueling this enzyme that synthesizes ATP


  4. Cyclic pathwayspigment in chloroplasts that trap light


  5. Steps of Noncyclic pathway (photophosphorlation)IN= H2O, light, ADP, P, NADPH+
    OUT= ATP, NADPH, O2 (waste)