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FCE Fast Class Key Word Transformations 21 - 40


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came up against
The problem we were faced with was a serious one.
The problem ___________________________________ was a serious one.
wish I had/I'd applied
It was a mistake not to apply for the job.
I ___________________________________ for the job.
has nothing to do with
Being rich has no connection with being happy.
Being rich___________________________________ being happy
looking forward to seeing
I can't wait to see the sights in London.
I am___________________________________ the sights in London.
has picked up
The tourist trade is much better now than it was last month.
The tourist trade ___________________________________ noticeably since last month.
ought to be preserved by
Governments should preserve all the world's languages.
All the world's languages ___________________________________ governments.
have not/haven't finished their/the match
The tennis players' match is still going on.
The tennis players ___________________________________ yet.
me when your plane lands
What time does your plane land tomorrow?
Can you tell ___________________________________ tomorrow?
used to be spent
The family always spent their holidays climbing in the mountains.
The family's holidays___________________________________ climbing in the mountains.
do you any harm
Physical exercise won't hurt you if you are careful.
Physical exercise won't___________________________________ if you are careful.
is the difference between
How does a rock climber differ from a mountaineer?
What ___________________________________ a rock climber and a mountaineer?
was not as big as
This new dining table is bigger than the one we had before.
The dining table we had before ___________________________________ this new one.
not have turned down
It was not a good idea for you to refuse the offer of that job.
You should ___________________________________ the offer of that job.
advised me to spend
My teacher suggested that I spent the summer in England.
My teacher ___________________________________ the summer in England.
was much more interesting
The film is not as interesting as the novel was.
The novel ___________________________________ than the flm.
will take care of
Will your neighbours look after your dog when you go away?
Do you know if your neighbours
___________________________________ your dog when you go away?
how about taking
Tom, wouldn't it be a good idea to take the students swimming tomorrow?
Tom, ___________________________________ the students swimming tomorrow?
has been teaching us/has been our
teacher for
Miss Jones first came to teach us a month ago.
Miss Jones ___________________________________ a month now.
appears to be rising
We are noticing a rise in the cost of living again.
The cost of living ___________________________________ again.
were on our way
While we were going home, we had an accident.
We ___________________________________ home when we had an accident.