Social Studies - Chapter 12

Favorite Sons
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RelocateTo move to another placeFederalNationalSurvivedTo continue existing after nearly being destroyednominationg conventionA meeting in which representative members of a political party choose candidates to run for important elected offices.Henry Clay used his influence to push for Adams to be president, when Adams got to become president then, he would name Henry Clay the Secretary of State. Adams ended up becoming president then, and all Jackson's followers called this the Corrupt Bargain.What was the Corruption Bargain?South CarolinaWhat state passed a Nullification ActWest of the Mississippi RiverAs the U.S. expanded, they wanted to relocate the Native Americans to lands where?JacksonWho pushed the Indian Removal Act which allowed the federal government to pay Natives to move west?Cherokee: Court Case Worcester v. GeorgiaWhich Native American group fought Georgia to become a separate nation and what court case was involved with this?Trail of TearsWhat path did the Native Americans take to Indian Territory?Dade MassacreWhat was it called when Seminole warriors attacked troops as they marched across Florida?Seminoles and African Americans known as Black Seminoles fought the US Soldiers for land.What were the Seminole Wars?Andrew JacksonWho did not renew the 2nd Bank of the US?Without the support of the national bank, state banks began issuing huge amounts of banknotes. The government stopped accepting these because they had little value. People panicked and it led to a depressionWhat was the Panic of 1837?Whigs, Henry HarrisonWhich party had the Log Cabin Campaign and who was their candidate?Henry HarrisonWho had the shortest presidency ever?US and Great Britian this ended the dispute over the border between Maine and CanadaWho signed the Webster-Ashburn Treaty and what did this treaty do?