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Smallest unit of life

Cell Membrane

Thin covering inside the cell wall controls what can enter and leave the cell.

Cell Wall

A bigid non-living outer layer that protects and supports the land cell.


"Noggin" The brain of a cell and it directs all of the cells activity.


"Vacume bag" storage of the cell. Plant cells have one large one.

Golgi Body

"Garbage Bag" It recieves materials, packages them up and moves them on or out of the cell.


"Chlorine" Captures energy from sunlight to use photosynthesis, food for the cell.


The "filling",the green substance inside the chloroplasts.


"Ribs" Ribosomes are factories that produce protein. Grain like.


"Mighty chondria" The "powerhouse" of the cell. They produce most of the cells energy.

Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum

"E.R." (Emergency room) A series of passageways that carry proteins around the cell.


"Plasma" The Thick gel-like fluid between the nucleus and the cell membrane where all of the organelles are found.


inside of the nucleus; makes ribosomes.

Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum

"E.R." (Emergency Room) A series of passageways that carry proteins around the cell; contains Ribosomes.


Contains digestive enzymes to break things down. Can destroy old cell parts or digest food.

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