Waves (OCR Physics A)

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speed of a wavedistance travelled by the wave per unit timeprogressive wavea transfer of energy as a result of oscillationsstationary wavea wave which stores energy in pocketslongitudinal wavedisplacement of particles is parallel to direction of energy transfertransverse wavedisplacement of particles is perpendicular to direction of energy transferreflectionthe bouncing back of a wave from a circuitrefractionthe change in direction of a wave as it crosses an interface between two materials where its speed changesdiffractionwavefronts spread out after passing through a gap or around an obstacleintensitypower per unit areaplane polarised wavea transverse wave that vibrates in one plane onlyconstructive interferencewhen two waves reinforce to give increased amplitudedestructive interferencewhen two waves cancel to give reduced amplitudenodewhere the amplitude is always zeroantinodewhere the amplitude of the standing wave takes the maximum possible value