Fundamentals of Chiro Midterm spring 2022

The Kung For document is the oldest written account of manipulation. When was it written?
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When was the first test given by the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners?1965When was the first trip against a Chiropractor for practicing medicine without a license won by a chiropractor?1907Who was the most arrested chiropractor?Charles Lemly - 66 timesWhen was the neurocalometer invented?1924Who was the greatest medieval physician?AvicennaWhat was the title of the first textbook on chiropractic?Modernized ChiropracticWhen did the US Office of Education grant the council on chiropractic education the right to accredit chiropractic colleges?1974The Columbus of chiropractic was...LangworthyWho was the developer of chiropractic?BJ PalmerWhat silent did Harvey Lillard Suffer from?DeafnessWhere did DD Palmer have his office when he adjusted Lillard?Ryan BuildingNapravit stands for?bonesetterWhen did DD Palmer publish his first textbook of Chiropractic?1910Who invented the healing art of naprapathy?Oakley SmithThe constructor of chiropractor wasWillard CarverWho was the Yellow Emperor?He formed the first kingdom of China and ruled for 100 years. Went by Huang DiWho was considered the father of medicine?HippocratesWhat did Hippocrates say relating the spine?"Look well to the spine for the cause of disease"Who was the greatest Muslim philosopher and physician?AvicennaWho wrote the Canon of Medicine?AvicennaHow did Avicenna straighten crooked spines?Used a boardWhat did bonesetters do?Stretched, massaged, and manipulated spines and the rest of the joints of the bodyHow did the Sweet family gain recognition as bonesetters?Manipulated the French Army officers in Newport, RIWho was Prof. John Atkins?English bonesetter Methods were printed in science journals Also treated the lower class Highly sought out by athletes Also worked on animals Called himself a "nerve specialist" Learned from Robert HuttonWho was Robert Hutton?English bonesetter Used poultice and oil Treated animals Learned from his uncleWho was Jimmy Heffernan?Irish bonestter Started by practicing on his animals Hardly charged for his careWho was considered the "Prince of Physicians"?GalenWhat words did Galen popularize?Scoliosis Lordosis KyphosisWhat were Aristotles contributions to health care?Guided medicine away from superstition and towards scientific methodsWho declared that manipulation of the spine was malpractice?Sir Percival PottWho believed that spinal malformations and problems stemmed from tuberculosis?Sir Percival PottWhat date was the first chiropractic adjustment given?September 18, 1895What was the main difference between chiropractic and early osteopathy?Chiro was interested in nerves Osteopathy was interested in circulationWho was Shegataro Morikubo?- 1st chiropractor to be tried for practicing medicine (1907) - this marks the beginning of the medical movement to squash chiropracticWhen was PSC founded?1897Who were the Ortons and Tietzens?Families located in South Dakota that started as bonesetters but became chiropractorsWhen was the first ACA founded and by whom?1905 by Solon LangworthyWhat was the name of the first chiropractic textbook, when was it published and who were the authors?"A Textbook of Modernized Chiropractic" 1906 Langworthy, Paxson, and Oakley SmithWhen was DD Palmer born and where?March 7, 1845 in Port Perry, CanadaWhat was the name of the textbook written by DD Palmer and when was it published?"The Art, Science and Philosophy of Chiropractic" in 1910What were all of DD Palmer's theories related to?InflammationWhat was DD Palmer's First Theory of Chiropractic?Body works like a machine. Parts that lose their normal relationship develop friction and heat. Heat = inflammation. Very mechanistic.What was DD Palmer's second theory?Related to the nervous system, spine, and innate intelligenceWhat was DD Palmer's third theory?Expanded innate intelligence into universal intelligence and that toxins, trauma, and thoughts affected well beingWho was B.J. Palmer, DC and what was the significance of what he did?Son of DD Palmer Considered the developer of chiropractic Returned Palmer school to financial viabilityWho founded homeopathy?Samuel HahnemanWho founded naturopathy?Benedict LustWho founded osteopathy?Andrew Taylor StillWho founded Christian Science?Mary Baker EddyWho founded 7th Day Adventists?Ellen G. WhiteWho founded Baker University in KS and started the first osteopathic school?AT StillWho introduced osteopathy to the US?AT StillWho was one of the first physicians to promote preventative care and focus on treating the disease rather than symptoms?AT StillWhat was magnetic healing in the time of D.D. Palmer?Forcefield surrounded everything livingWho first used the word subluxation?Solon LangworthyWho founded the American School of Chiropractic?Solon LangworthyWho was the Chair of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the American School of Chiropractic?Minor PaxsonWho started the rumor that BJ tried to kill DD?Joy LobanWho was a mentor to Hugh B, Logan?Joy LobanWhat was the purpose of the first ACA?Provide leadership in health care and a positive vision for the chiropractic profession and it natural approach to health and wellnessWhen was the first ACA founded?1905When was the UCA founded?1906What was the purpose of the first UCA?To gain licensure for chiropracticWho founded the Kiropractic College and Infirmary in OK CityWillard CarverWho used chiropractic to cure their diabetes?Silva AshworthWho is the "Grandma of Chiropractic"?Silva ashworthWho was the only woman to be president of a US National Chiropractic association?Silva AshworthWhen was the first chiropractic law enacted?1921When and where was the first chiropractic law passed?Minnesota 1905Why was it so important that chiropractors have practice laws passed in each state?Prevent medical community from claiming chiropractic as illegal Created "separate and distinct" licensing laws to stay out of jailWhat are the powers of the State compared to the Federal Government concerning practice laws?Federal government recognized the profession while state detailed practicing powers vary from state to stateWhat was heroic medicine in the 1700s and 1800s?Sought to release toxins in the body by bloodletting, harsh purgatives, and emetics Believed that the harshness of the remedy should be in proportion to the severity of the disease, so the sickest patients received the strongest dosesWho defended Morikubu?Tom MorrisWhat did WHO stand for?Which Hands OnlyWhat did WOC stand for?World of ChiropracticWhat was the Neurocalometer and what was the significance of its development to the profession of chiropractic?A hand-held, heat sensing instrument invented by BJ Palmer Coincides with decline of BJ PalmerWho was Roy Marlow, DC and what did he do?Palmer graduate Taught marketing and business management courses to DCsWho started the National School fo Chiropractic in the Ryan Building?Tom MorrisWho authored the Encyclopedia of Chiropractic?Tom MorrisWhich state was the first to enact a chiropractic law?Kansas 1913Who was Abraham Flexnor, PhD?Researcher and graduate form John Hopkins Reported on the deplorable state of formal medical educationWho called together the Meeting of State Licensing Boards in 1919 and what was its outcome?Palmer's UCA demanded that state societies purge mixers from their ranks or else they would organize competing state societies BJ insisted upon a curriculum no more than 18 months long and no modalitiesWho was Howard Nutting and why was he so important in early chiropractic?William Carver's uncle local businessman Helped return Palmer School of Chiropractic to financial viabilityWho was Mabel Palmer and what did she do?Married BJ Palmer "First lade of Chiropractic"What is the ACC Paradigm?- written by the president of all North American Chiropractic Colleges (1996) - one part chiropractic (recuperative powers of the body to heal itself), one part subluxation (complex of changes that lead to poor health)Who was C.E. Bannister?Co-founder (with Marcel Gillet, D.C.) of the European Chiropractors' Union in 1932.Who was Frank Dean?Founded the Columbia Institute of Chiropractic (now New York Chiro College)Who was Elbert Hubbard?Cousin of John Hubbard Leader of Bohemian movement Died on the Lusitana during WW1Who was Fred Illi?Founded the illi institute for the study of the statics and dynamics of human body, helped get legalized chiropractic in Switzerland, discovered a ligamentWho was Thomas Storey and what role did he play in early chiropractic?Invented the first adjusting instruments using a wooden chism and mallet invented the bifid tableWho were the 'Big Four' of Palmer School?Vedder, Burich, Firth, HendricsWho founded Lincoln College and where was it?Veddre, Burich, Firth, Hendrics Indianapolis, INWho was Alva Gregory and what did he do?Founded 3rd ACA, founded Palmer-Gregory Chiropractic CollegeWho founded the National School of Chiropractic?DD palmer in 1906Who was William Schulze?Founded institute of Physiological therapeutics, purchased National and renamed ovation College of ChiropracticWho was A.P. Davis and what did he do?Founded the second ACA in 1910Who was considered the constructor of chiropractic?William CarverWhat was the relationship of Willard Carver to D.D. Palmer and B.J. Palmer?Carver ran errands for DD Eventually became DD's lawyer Wanted to become a DC in use his services as payment. BJ refused and it started a life-long fuedWho was called 'The Neglected Father of Manual Medicine?Wharton HoodWho were the medical doctors that wrote about manual health care in the 1800's?Wharton Hood Sir James Paget Andrew Dods Willam John Little Edward Harrison