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This set contains a list of all iPods avilable on the market.

iPod Classic First Generation

First model, with mechanical scroll wheel.

iPod Classic Second Generation

Touch-sensitive wheel. FireWire port had a cover. Hold switch revised.

iPod Classic Third Generation

First complete redesign with all-touch interface, dock connector, and slimmer case.

iPod Classic Fourth Generation

Adopted Click Wheel from iPod Mini, hold switch redesigned.

iPod Classic Fitfth Generation

Second full redesign with a slimmer case, and larger screen with video playback.

iPod Classic Sixth Generation

Introduced the "Classic" suffix. New interface and anodized aluminum front plate.

iPod Mini First Generation

New smaller model, available in 5 colors. Introduced the "Click Wheel".

iPod Mini Second Generation

Brighter color variants with longer battery life. Click Wheel lettering matched body color. Later replaced by iPod Nano.

iPod Nano First Generation

Replaced Mini. Available in black or white and used flash memory. Color screen for picture viewing.

iPod Nano Second Generation

Anodized aluminum casing and 6 colors available.

iPod Nano Third Generation

2" QVGA screen, colors refreshed with chrome back, new interface, video capability, smaller Click Wheel.

iPod Nano Fourth Generation

Revert to tall form and all-aluminum enclosure with 9 color choices, added accelerometer for shake and horizontal viewing.

iPod Shuffle First Generation

New entry-level model. Uses flash memory and has no screen.

iPod Shuffle Second Generation

Smaller clip design with anodized aluminum casing. 4 color options added later. Colors were later refreshed twice.

iPod Touch First Generation

First iPod with Wi-Fi and a Multi-Touch interface. Features Safari browser and wireless access to the iTunes Store and YouTube.

iPod Touch Second Generation

New tapered chrome back with Nike+ functionality, volume buttons, and built-in speaker added. iPhone OS 2.0 and App Store access standard.

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