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1) Marjorie recently created a viable and innovative process to streamline the work flow in her department. She developed an accurate model of the new process that clearly indicated how the process would apply to and improve the current practices in the department. However, when presenting her idea to her superiors, Marjorie refused to consider others' suggestions and perspectives and got defensive when people asked her questions. Which of the following cognitive skills does Marjorie need to improve upon?
A: Collaboration Skills
2) Seema John, the floor supervisor at a call center, calls Bryan, a call attendant, into her office. She reports observing a few critical omissions in his calls, a finding supported by recent customer surveys. Bryan feels that Seema is just throwing her weight around. Which aspect of collaboration seems to be dysfunctional in this scenario?
work flow
3) Competitive strategy determines the structure, features, and functions of every information system. What is the most likely reason behind this statement?
A: Because organizations examine the structure of their industry and determine a competitive strategy that determines the value chains, which in turn determine the business processes. The structure of business processes determines the design of supporting information systems.
4) Which of the following is most likely to have the highest threat of substitution?
A: Frequent-Traveler's choice of Auto Rental
5) Which of the following situations represents strong bargaining power of suppliers?
A: College Students buying gasoline or other seller markets
6) Identify a situation where rivalry would be a weak force.
A: Internal Revenue Service
8) A group of grain farmers in a surplus year will have reduced ________.
A: Bargaining power of suppliers
9) Bargaining power of customers is likely to be the highest for ________.
A: Toyota's purchase of auto paint
10) The automobile industry is characterized by many manufacturers and intense competition among them. This statement represents ________.
A: Industry-wide Differentiation or rivalry
11) N-joi Ice Cream was facing competition to their flagship brand of "black sesame soft ice cream". The competitor began offering three varieties of "black sesame soft ice cream." N-joi decided to counter the threat by introducing five new varieties. Which competitive strategy is N-joi implementing?
A: focus differentiation or creating a new product
12) Focused differentiation occurs when ________.
A: A company has a better product/service within an industry segment.
13) Focused cost-leadership is observed when a product has the lowest cost ________.
A: within an industry segment
14) Mae manages delivery at a custom-kitchen outlet. Working with her customer's specifications, she contacts Gem Cabinets and places an order for a full-motion wall mount. Which of the following primary activities is Mae performing here?
A: outbound logistics (went over in class today)
15) Lynn is going through this week's delivery schedule. She calls her team and assigns territories for each executive. She contacts the fleet supervisor to arrange trucks for transportation. Which activity of the value chain is Lynn executing?
A: outbound logistics or inbound
16) Which of the following is a support activity in the value chain?
A: support activities in the generic value chain contribute indirectly to the production, sale, and service of the product. They include manager supplier relationships (procurement), investigating new designs (technology), hire and support employees (human resources) and manage company resources (firm infrastructure). (pg. 72)
17) Which of the following can be considered a support activity in the value chain?
A: They include manager supplier relationships (procurement), investigating new designs (technology), hire and support employees (human resources) and manage company resources (firm infrastructure). (pg. 72)
18) Which of the following statements is consistent with the central idea of business process design?
A: A business process is a network of activities that generate value by transforming inputs into outputs and then in to cashmoney jigga
19) Which of the following cannot be considered a part of the sales process?
A: Inbound Logistics & Manufacturing, outbound, customer service
20) Which of the following activities of a computer manufacturer cannot be considered a part of inbound logistics?
A: inbound logistics ARE the receiving and arranging shipments, storing and disseminating inputs into the product; activities of a computer manufacturer that can't be considered a part of the inbound logistics
22) Rentocycle is a company that rents bicycles. It provides "best-of-breed" rentals to executives at a high-end conference resort. The company is using a ________ strategy.
high service
23) Which of the following principles of competitive advantage is related to product implementations?
A: Differentiation, create, enhance
24) Which of the following principles of competitive advantage is related to process implementations?
lock in customers and buyers, lock in suppliers, raise barriers to market entry, establish alliances, reduce costs
25) Huen Software, an application provider to the gaming industry, decided to increase its portfolio by developing 3-D graphics-supported games for the mobile gaming industry. By doing this, which competitive strategy is Huen Software implementing?
A: industry wide differentiation or create new product
26) PowerCruise, a holiday cruise firm, recently offered its existing customers an extension of six months to their membership without any additional charges. By doing this, which competitive strategy is PowerCruise implementing?
A: focus cost (lowest cost within an industry segment) or enhance service
27) An organization wants to achieve competitive advantage through process implementations. Which of the following actions would help them do that?
A: lock in customers and buyers, lock in suppliers, raise barriers to market entry, establish alliances, reduce costs
28) Synapz, a manufacturer of office automation products, recently received a patent for an advanced therapeutic ergonomics technology. By doing this which principle of competitive strategy is Synapz following?
focus differentiation
29) Locking in customers by making it difficult or expensive for customers to move to another product is called establishing high ________.
A: switching costs
30) Organizations can lock in suppliers by making it difficult to switch to another organization or by ________.
A: stated positively, by making it easy to connect and to work with the organizations
31) July Networks provides digital television services across the country. They have cutting-edge technology that provides a clearer resolution. Customers are required to pay an up-front fee to cover the first two years of the subscription. By doing this, which competitive strategy is July Networks implementing?
A: Industry wide differentiation or lock in customers
32) A large software manufacturer attempts to lock in customers by making it difficult for customers to change to another product. Identify the strategy used here.
A: establishing high switching costs
33) A student team, which is assigned a term project, meets and divides the work into sections and then team members work independently on their individual pieces. An hour before the project is due the team members meet again to assemble their independent pieces into a whole. Which of the following is lacking in this activity?
A: Feedback or collaboration
34) Which of the following statements is true regarding collaborative systems?
A: They pose serious security risks. In collaborative systems different people can define or perceive a problem differently. Produce, review, change. Communication, content management, workflow control. Starting, planning, doing , wrapping up
36) Neville is the operations manager at Access Software Inc. As the company opens its third unit in the campus, he decides to implement a collaborative system supporting wikis and blogs. Which of the following should he choose?
A: Sharepoint
37) Project teams should document project results and learnings. Which of the following is the phase in which the teams perform this?
A: Wrapping-up
38) Kate has to organize an asynchronous communication involving her team members because she works from home. Which of the following could she use?
A: Discussion forum (virtual meeting lecture ch 2) or webcam
39) Which of the following is one reason why discussion forums are better than emails in asynchronous communication?
A: Content more organized than email or emails allow people to hide
43) Kyra orders 500 units of Type-2 steel beams for the next month for her company. In doing so, she has made a(n) ________ decision.
A: operational
44) Identify a question that must be answered during the planning phase of project management.
A: What tasks need to be accomplished? How are the tasks related to one another? Who is responsible for each task? When will tasks be completed?
45) Using a standardized procedure to allocate laptop computers to employees is an example of a(n) ________ decision.
A: structured, managerial
46) An organization uses a formula to compute the reorder quantity of an item in inventory. This is an example of a(n) ________ decision process.
A: structured, operational
47) Isabel, an HR manager and two of her executives are discussing a candidate's application. They examine his qualifications and experience. Isabel also tries to gauge his cultural fit with their team before deciding to hire the person. This is an example of ________ decision-making.
A: unstructured, managerial
48) Which of the following is an example of an unstructured decision?
A: 1. No agreed-on decision-making method 2. No proven optimal solution 3. Are often a collaborative process
49) Which of the following observations about the relationship between decision type and decision process is true?
A: decisions at the operational level tend to be structured, and decisions at the strategic level tend to be unstructured. ("tend to be" because there are exceptions to the relationship) or as decisions go from daily routine (operational) to strategic plans that are nonroutine there is a greater need for collaboration
50)Which of the following decisions is least likely to involve collaboration?
A: structured decisions involve little collaboration or daily, routine decisions and operational
51) Free data communications and data storage will make collaboration systems cheaper and easier to use by 2021. Which of the following is the most likely consequence of this development?
A: Everyday items have comps in them or less face to face meetings, work at home, less business travel, training online
52) Management information systems (MIS) is best defined as ________.
A: Development and use of information systems, Achieving business goals and objectives
53) Which of the following accurately describes the five-component framework of information systems?
A: Data bridges the information gap between computers and humans or (hardware, software, data, procedures and people)
54) Which of the following is a correct picture of the development and use of information systems?
In the development you need to involve the users, along with other factors like cost. Can't think only about the information technologies.
58) It is generally more difficult to make changes to the ________ of an information system than to the databases itself.
A: personnel responsibilites (pg. 13) or procedures
59) Which of the following is the best example of information, and is not mere data?
A: knowledge derived from data, whereas data is defined as recorded facts or figures, ex. data: jim earned $25 bucks an hour, info: over one year, on average, jim earned 25 bucks
60) Which of the following statements is NOT true about information?
A: information IS data presented in meaningful context, processed data, data processed by summing, ordering, averaging, grouping, comparing, or other similar operations. Information IS a difference that makes a difference. or info SHOULD be accurate, timely, relevant, just sufficient and its worth its cost
61) As CEO of a large organization, you had asked the human resources manager to send you information about the rate of employee turnover in your organization for the last quarter. The manager sends you the salary details of new hires during the same period. The information is likely to be of little use to you because it is ________.
A: not relevant
62) As the CEO of a large company, you ask the sales manager to report the sales figures of the previous quarter. The manager sends you details of each invoice drawn up in the previous quarter. This information is not good because it is ________.
A: not sufficient
63) As production manager at a bottling plant for a cola manufacturer, you receive reports containing figures for raw materials from last year, but stated as the current year's. This information would qualify as bad information because it is ________.
A: not accurate or not timely
64) You are looking to buy a home within the price-range of $500,000 to $700,000, but your real-estate agent keeps sending you fliers for homes that cost $10,00,000 or more. This information is likely to be useless to you because it is ________.
A: not accurate or not relevant
65) Which of the following statements is true of good information?
A: Accurate, Timely, Relevant, Just sufficient, Worth its cost; it is subjective
66) Which of the following is true about the quality of information?
A: the quality of your thinking is a large part of the quality of the information system or good quality info is accurate, timely, relevant, just sufficient, and worth its cost.
67) Which of the following is an appropriate technique for creating memorable, strong passwords?
A: use seven or more characters, no real name/ company name, no complete dictionary words, different from previous passwords, use upper and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols
68) Vera Lewis, an employee of Akme Corp. since three years, is in the process of developing a login password. Which of the following is a password that is strong and easy for Vera to remember?
A: ex. Qw37^T1bb?at or 3B47qqH1%^
69) Which of the following is a guideline for maintaining good password ettiquette?
A: 1. Never write down your password 2. Do not share it 3. Never ask others for their password 4. never give your password to someone else
70) As the IT manager of your organization, you require a coworker's password to access some information. Keeping with password ettiquette, how would you go about getting his password?
Using the "Do-Sa-Do" move or ask for them to enter a password and look away
56) Which of the following is an example of a low-tech information system?
A: a system that consist only of a file of email addresses and an email program; only a small amount of work has been moved from the human side to the computer side or a calendar