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  1. sanctifying grace
  2. Jesus
  3. sacraments celebrated more than once
  1. a God sets up camp and moves into the soul and never leaves
  2. b the primordial sacrament; starting point, encounter with God
  3. c Marriage, Eucharist, Annointing of the Sick, Reconciliation

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  1. two sources for faith about God in our lives
  2. means to make; we call DOWN the Holy Spirit to transform earthly things
  3. deep within us
  4. the active living presence of the Holy Spirit in us
  5. a binding agreement between 2 people that involves giving part of one's self to the other

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  1. sacraments must have these three elementsMarriage, Eucharist, Annointing of the Sick, Reconciliation


  2. sacraments of initiationBaptism, Confirmation and Eucharist


  3. sanctifying graceit's what makes the soul holy and gives the soul supernatural life


  4. ex opere operatospecific acts or challenges when God intervenes for a purpose


  5. sacraments celebrated only onceMarriage, Eucharist, Annointing of the Sick, Reconciliation