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  1. ex opere operato
  2. When were the sacraments established
  3. grace
  4. sanctifying grace
  5. lex operandi, lex credenti
  1. a the active living presence of the Holy Spirit in us
  2. b stays in the soul
  3. c Council of Trent in 1547
  4. d a sacrament happens by the Holy Spirit, NOT the priest, makes it so
  5. e what we pray is what we believe & what we believe is what we pray

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  1. Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist
  2. changes us from being 1 person into being fully initiated into the church
  3. above and beyond
  4. specific acts or challenges when God intervenes for a purpose
  5. means to make; we call DOWN the Holy Spirit to transform earthly things

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  1. sacraments must have these three elementsMarriage, Eucharist, Annointing of the Sick, Reconciliation


  2. sacraments of healingreconciliation, annointing of the sick


  3. sanctifying gracespecific acts or challenges when God intervenes for a purpose


  4. sacraments celebrated only onceBaptism, Confirmation, Holy Orders


  5. immanentdeep within us