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  1. a disease caused either when not enough insulin is produced or when the body does not respond properly to the insulin that is produced
  2. Why do muscles usually work in pairs?
  3. blood cell which transports oxygen to the other cells of the body
  4. a structure that secretes a chemical substance
  5. the two main jobs of the spleen
  1. a muscles can pull but never push
  2. b gland
  3. c filter out and dispose of dead cells and microbes in the blood; serve as a "storage tank" for blood
  4. d red blood cell
  5. e diabetes mellitus

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  1. placenta
  2. cementum
  3. adipose
  4. sinus
  5. mucous membrane

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  1. another term for conceptiondermis


  2. critical for digestionmixes food with digestive juices from the intestinal wall, pancreas, and liver to complete digestion; absorbs food


  3. List, in order, the vessels blood travels through in the body's systemic circulation starting with arteriesarteries, arterioles, capillaries, venules, veins


  4. a hormone that regulates the body's metabolismthyroxine


  5. the system that excretes wastes from the bodyexcretory system