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  1. bean-shaped organs that filter waste products and excess water from the blood
  2. How does a muscle move the insertion?
  3. a thin, bonelike covering over the root that holds the tooth firmly in its socket
  4. the common name for epinephrine
  5. a structure containing three blood vessels that connects a developing baby to the placenta and uterus
  1. a toward the origin.
  2. b umbilical cord
  3. c adrenaline
  4. d cementum
  5. e kidney

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  1. placenta
  2. liver
  3. insulin, glucagon
  4. fertilization
  5. cerebrum
    brain stem

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  1. the layer of the skin that contains sweat glands, sebaceous glands, and hair folliclesdermis


  2. the three locations that contain most of the body's lymph nodesneck, underarms, groin


  3. the organ that houses developing lymphocytesthymus


  4. rectumeliminates indigestible wastes as feces


  5. hairlike tubes covering the inside wall of the small intestinevilli