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  1. hipbones, which connect the legs to the vertebral column
  2. stomach
  3. one of two tubes which connect the kidneys to the bladder
  4. killer T cells
  5. the first section of the small intestine
  1. a destroy infected cells to eliminate intruders
  2. b duodenum
  3. c ureter
  4. d churns food and mixes it with digestive juices to liquefy it; stores food until it is released to the small intestine
  5. e pelvis

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  1. Both cardiac and smooth muscle tissue are involuntary; they cannot be directly controlled by the mind. Both are located inside organs of other systems. Smooth muscle tissue is found in several systems, including the digestive and cardiovascular systems; cardiac muscle is found only in the heart, which is part of the cardiovascular system.
  2. cementum
  3. epiglottis
  4. connects the rest of the brain to the spinal cord; responsible for the body's automatic activities
  5. simple fracture

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  1. a mother's wombuterus


  2. muscle attached to the bones of the skeleton that can be controlled with the conscious mind; also called voluntary muscleinvoluntary muscle


  3. the visible part of the toothepidermis


  4. What are the three major functions of the liver in the digestive system?duodenum


  5. composes the muscles that can be voluntarily controlledskeletal muscle tissue