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  1. throat
  2. the second layer of skin
  3. "big eater"; a white blood cell that moves in after the neutrophils to combat remaining bacteria
  4. electrochemical messages that travel to and from the central nervous system, allowing the brain and spinal cord to control all your other body systems
  5. hairlike tubes covering the inside wall of the small intestine
  1. a dermis
  2. b impulses
  3. c pharynx
  4. d macrophage
  5. e villi

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  1. bone, cartilage, adipose, blood, loose connective tissue, dens connective tissue
  2. eliminates indigestible wastes as feces
  3. subcutaneous layer
  4. churns food and mixes it with digestive juices to liquefy it; stores food until it is released to the small intestine
  5. prepare the body should it ever have to defend against a repelled pathogen again

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  1. a hollow space that helps the voice resonate and lightens the skullsinus


  2. the common name for epinephrineadrenaline


  3. Why are cardiac muscle tissue and smooth muscle tissue not considered part of the muscular system?production of bile to digest fat
    filtering poisonous substances out of the blood
    storing excess glucose from the blood


  4. a blood cell that battles pathogenswhite blood cell


  5. composed of nerves and nerve tissuefertilization


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