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  1. Why do muscles usually work in pairs?
  2. Describe the path of food through the alimentary canal, in order.
  3. the white blood cells that contribute the most in the battle against pathogens
  4. six types of connective tissue
  5. the lining of the nasal cavity that secretes sticky mucus
  1. a bone, cartilage, adipose, blood, loose connective tissue, dens connective tissue
  2. b mucous membrane
  3. c phagocytes
  4. d mouth
    small intestine
  5. e muscles can pull but never push

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  1. compound fracture
  2. all cells need nutrients and oxygen to function; the cardiovascular system delivers these needed substances to the cell. Every cell generates waste products from its metabolism; the cardiovascular system delivers these wastes to the respiratory and excretory systems for removal from the body.
  3. white blood cell
  4. neck, underarms, groin
  5. filter out and dispose of dead cells and microbes in the blood; serve as a "storage tank" for blood

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  1. accumulations of lymphatic tissue that prevent pathogens from entering the body through the throaturethra


  2. the organ that houses developing lymphocytesthymus


  3. When does a human being's life begin?conception


  4. the layer of the skin that contains sweat glands, sebaceous glands, and hair folliclesmucous membrane


  5. What are the three major functions of the liver in the digestive system?production of bile to digest fat
    filtering poisonous substances out of the blood
    storing excess glucose from the blood