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  1. a liquid produced by the liver that helps digest fat
  2. the brains three main parts
  3. bean-shaped organs that filter waste products and excess water from the blood
  4. How does a muscle move the insertion?
  5. esophagus
  1. a bile
  2. b cerebrum
    brain stem
  3. c transports food from the mouth to the stomach
  4. d kidney
  5. e toward the origin.

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  1. endocrine gland
  2. long bones, short bones, flat bones, irregular bones
  3. periodontal membrane
  4. uterus
  5. absorbs water and remaining nutrients

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  1. cerebelluma wrinkled, fist-sized mass located at the back of the brain below the cerebrum; responsible for balance and muscle coordination


  2. the structure God designed to keep food from entering the tracheaenamel


  3. one of the two branches of the trachea, which allows air to enter the lungsbronchus


  4. muscle attached to the bones of the skeleton that can be controlled with the conscious mind; also called voluntary muscleinvoluntary muscle


  5. a blood cell that battles pathogensmuscle tissue