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  1. What are the three major functions of the liver in the digestive system?
  2. esophagus
  3. a saclike organ beneath the liver that stores bile
  4. muscle attached to the bones of the skeleton that can be controlled with the conscious mind; also called voluntary muscle
  5. the hardest substance in the body that covers the crown
  1. a enamel
  2. b skeletal muscle
  3. c transports food from the mouth to the stomach
  4. d production of bile to digest fat
    filtering poisonous substances out of the blood
    storing excess glucose from the blood
  5. e gallbladder

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  1. lymph
  2. mouth
    small intestine
  3. hinge joints, pivot joints, ball-and-socket joints
  4. simple fracture
  5. toward the origin.

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  1. B cellsproduce antibodies


  2. List, in order, the vessels blood travels through in the body's systemic circulation starting with arteriesinsulin, glucagon


  3. a movable part of the body where the other end of the muscle is attachedorigin


  4. an eater cell that includes the neutrophils and macrophage and contributes the most in the battle against pathogensphagocyte


  5. the top layer of skinepidermis