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  1. tissue fluid that has entered the lymphatic vessels
  2. composed of nerves and nerve tissue
  3. a disease caused either when not enough insulin is produced or when the body does not respond properly to the insulin that is produced
  4. hairlike tubes covering the inside wall of the small intestine
  5. Describe the path of food through the alimentary canal, in order.
  1. a villi
  2. b mouth
    small intestine
  3. c peripheral nervous system
  4. d lymph
  5. e diabetes mellitus

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  1. bile
  2. subcutaneous layer
  3. adrenaline
  4. absorbs water and remaining nutrients
  5. phagocyte

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  1. the visible part of the toothcentral nervous system


  2. a crack or break that does not cause the bone to pierce the skin's surfacesimple fracture


  3. the second layer of skindermis


  4. tiny air sacs in the lungs that allow the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide between the blood and the airphagocyte


  5. throatadipose