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  1. a crack or break that does not cause the bone to pierce the skin's surface
  2. a chemical substance responsible for controlling many automatic activities of the body
  3. three important types of movable joints
  4. a short section at the end of the colon
  5. the top layer of skin
  1. a epidermis
  2. b hormone
  3. c simple fracture
  4. d hinge joints, pivot joints, ball-and-socket joints
  5. e rectum

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  1. crown
  2. root
  3. epithelial tissue
  4. dermis
  5. nerve tissue

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  1. When does a human being's life begin?toward the origin.


  2. the system that excretes wastes from the bodyexcretory system


  3. the first section of the small intestineduodenum


  4. the "master gland" whose hormones control the action of other endocrine glandspituitary gland


  5. a hormone that regulates the body's metabolismthyroxine