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  1. parallelism
  2. happiness
  3. Amy Tan
  4. first person narration
  5. style
  1. a What does the pearl symbolize in "Colomber" ?
  2. b author's characteristic manner of expression
  3. c What did the author NOT use to make the time seem to move more slowly in "Contents of Dead Man's Pocket" ?
  4. d arranging words to be similar in form
  5. e author of "Two Kinds"

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  1. Who could see the colomber in the story "Colomber" ?
  2. theme of "Colomber"
  3. narrator who knows everything about everyone
  4. author of "The Storyteller"
  5. author of "The Leap"

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  1. foreshadowingWhat is this an example of: "lips destined never again to meet" ?


  2. New Yorksetting in "By the Waters of Babylon"


  3. colombercrucial moment in story when the conflict is revealed


  4. a skeleton in a boat holding a stoneclimax in the "Colomber"


  5. love,work,friendsIn the poem "You want a social life, with friends", what 3 elements of life are mentioned?