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  1. flashback
  2. she wants to be accepted the way she is
  3. wordy and lengthy
  4. alliteration
  5. her better understanding of her sister's death
  1. a In "The Leap", the grave stone seems to become clearer, what does this symbolize?
  2. b a glimpse into the past
  3. c What is this an example of: " shoe sole shuffling and scraping" ?
  4. d Why is the daughter resistant to the mother in "Two Kinds" ?
  5. e writing style of "The Pedestrian"

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  1. mental or emotional struggle in a character
  2. What is this an example of: " I was seven the year the house caught fire" ?
  3. framework of a story
  4. author of "The Cold Equations"
  5. What would the pearl bring to a person in "Colomber" ?

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  1. story of their survival and hardshipsWhat is the quilt symbolic of in "Everyday Use"


  2. enemy and a friendWhat is the colomber viewed as by Stefano?


  3. foreshadowing and flashbackWhat literary devices are used in "The Leap" ?


  4. first personnarrator distinguished by "he,she,it"


  5. thememoral/lesson of a story


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