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  1. enemy and a friend
  2. work
  3. satire
  4. theme
  5. alliteration
  1. a What is this an example of: " shoe sole shuffling and scraping" ?
  2. b moral/lesson of a story
  3. c In "Contents of Dead Man's Pocket", what does the ledge symbolize?
  4. d What is the colomber viewed as by Stefano?
  5. e writing that ridicules to bring about change

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  1. Who could see the colomber in the story "Colomber" ?
  2. What did the author NOT use to make the time seem to move more slowly in "Contents of Dead Man's Pocket" ?
  3. point of emotional intensity
  4. In "By the Waters of Babylon" its implied that the gods treated knowledge how?
  5. writing style of "The Pedestrian"

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  1. Relationships are more important than workIn "The Cold Equations", which comparison isn't made between nature and technology?


  2. Louise Erdichvoice in "Typhoid Fever"


  3. he realized he needed familytheme of "The Pedestrian"


  4. Stefano in the boat facing the colomberWhat did the fishermen find at the end of "Colomber" ?


  5. Ray Bradburyauthor of "The Pedestrian"