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  1. colomber
  2. third person limited omniscient
  3. Tom Godwin
  4. title towards Psalm 137 and it compares Jerusalem to New York
  5. first person
  1. a point of view in "By the Waters of Babylon"
  2. b author of "The Cold Equations"
  3. c point of view in "The Cold Equations"
  4. d Biblical allusion in "By the Waters of Babylon"
  5. e antagonist in "Colomber"

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  1. struggle between opposing forces
  2. author of "Two Kinds"
  3. What does the pearl symbolize in "Colomber" ?
  4. writing style of the "Storyteller"
  5. What is "The Storyteller" an example of?

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  1. mythologizedHow do we know time has elasped in "By the Waters of Babylon" ?


  2. Relationships are more important than workWhat did the fishermen find at the end of "Colomber" ?


  3. all the hopes her mother had for her daughterWhat does the piano represent in "Two Kinds"


  4. alliteration"By the Waters of Babylon" is an example of what?


  5. workIn "Contents of Dead Man's Pocket", what does the apartment symbolize?