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  1. Stephen Vincenet Benet
  2. story of their survival and hardships
  3. third person
  4. victim and his family
  5. fear of gods and fear of dying
  1. a Who could see the colomber in the story "Colomber" ?
  2. b author of "By the Waters of Babylon"
  3. c internal conflict in "By the Waters of Babylon"
  4. d What is the quilt symbolic of in "Everyday Use"
  5. e narrator distinguished by "he,she,it"

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  1. a glimpse into the past
  2. What does the pearl symbolize in "Colomber" ?
  3. writing style of "The Pedestrian"
  4. What is "The Storyteller" an example of?
  5. turning point in "Contents of a Dead Man's Pocket" ?

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  1. foreshadowingWhat is this an example of: "lips destined never again to meet" ?


  2. first person narrationpoint of view in "By the Waters of Babylon"


  3. wasted lifewriting that ridicules to bring about change


  4. Louise Erdichantagonist in "Colomber"


  5. love,work,friendsIn the poem "You want a social life, with friends", what 3 elements of life are mentioned?