17 terms

Computer Vocab 5

a term used to differentrate between an Internet Location and physical one
chat room
a means of providing a common message area for those users who log into a specific site
a small piece of information stored on a user's computer designed to tell a web site that the user has visited that site before
denial of service
a term used to describe the loss of Internet service when computer hackers use a specially designed program to bombard a web site with messages, making it impossible for others to view the site
a means of sending files by way of the Internet, requiring the user to use FTP software
a synonym for a web page, although HTML is actually the code used to create a web page
Internet filter
a means of preventing a user from having access to certain sites on the Internet
a network within an organization that allows users to communicate with other members of the organization without concern that users outside the organization's network can only view an intranet web site
a service that provides users with e-mail and Internet accounts that can be accessed using either a modem or a network connection
JavaScript error
a message that appears when a web page opens
a program design to find, download, and play music in the MP3 format
an addition or plug-in to an Internet browser that allows the user to see multimedia created with Macromedia's Director
a means of providing security on the Internet for information sent from one user to another
a means of seeing video or hearing sound files as soon as they are sent from a web site
web page
a single page of information accessed through the Internet
web site
a grouping of web pages under a single name
a type of virus