MKT 487 Midterm

Suppose that a retailer buys a product from a manufacturer for $64 and wants a 20% mark-up on selling price. What would be the retailer's price to the consumer
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Paul is a brand manager for Heinz Ketchup. He learned in Kroger Stores Central Indiana data that demand for Heinz Ketchup= 39,000 cases in January in 2013 and 30,000 cases in December 2012. Price/case = $8 in January and $10 in December

The elasticity of the demand is__________

Are buyers price sensitive or insensitive
United Airlines has had a few issues with consumer enragement. Typically the CEO sends an apology after the incident. In cases of issues with Spirit Airlines, the company typically issues no apologies. Why are the strategies different across these two airlinesPrice elasticities for shoes are typically -3.5. What might be the price elasticity of electricity?When choosing between two bottles of wine, Penny goes for the higher priced one. After going home she found out that the lower priced bottle was ranked higher by experts. Why do you think Penny made the error?Bugaboo makes prams for babies. They are widely known to be a differentiator. The way that Bugaboo can further improve gross revenues isCOVID-19 has caused many a disruption. One of the biggest effects observed was the increase in second hand car pricesPioneers enjoy a first mover advantage. In one study they are seen to be launching average of 10 products every five years. How many products you think followers launch?