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an abbreviated synopsis of a longer work of scholarship or research. Dealing with or tending to deal with a subject part from a particular instance

ad hominem

directed to or appealoing to feelings or prejudices instead of to intellect or reason.


a saying or proverb containing a truth based on experience and often couched in metaphorical language.


a story in which a second meaning is to be read beneath the surface.


the repetition of one or more initial consonants in a group of words or lines in a poem.


a reference to a person, place, or event meant to create an effect or enhance the meaning of an idea.


a vagueness of meaning, a conscious lack of clarity meant to evoke multiple meanings or interpretations.


a person, scene, event, or other element that fails to correspond with the appropriate time or era.


a comparison that points out similarities between two dissimilar things, a passage that points out several similarities between two unlike things.


a brief narrative often used to illustrate an idea or make a point.


a brief explanation, summary, or evaluation of a text or work of literature.


a character or force in a work of literature that, by opposing the protagonist, produces tension or conflict.


a word to which a pronoun refers.


a rhetorical opposition or contrast of ideas by means of a grammatical arrangement of words, clauses, or sentence.


a short, pithy statement of a generally accepted truth or sentiment.


Referes to the most novel, godlike qualities of human nature and behavior.


LOXURION RHr SSEWAAWA pweaon oe pweaonidiws rhinf nor pewawnr


characterized by clever or sly humor, often saucy, playful, and somewhat irreverent


an abstract or ideal conception of a type, a perfectly typical example


the repetition of two or more vowel sounds in a group of worlds in prose or poetry.


a poet, a performer who told the stories.


insincere or overdone sentimentality.

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