A street address is an example of

absolute location

Geography may be described as the study of spacial variation


the word geography is derived from the greek words meaning

The description of the earth

the only true formal geographic regions are recognized political entities as states, provinces and countries


Geography differs from disciplines such as geology, meteorology, and culture anthropology in that it

uses data from related disciplines to study spacial relationships

Because geographers deal with patterns of spacial interaction that remain constant, scale is not important.


scale implies the degree of generalization permissible or supportable


which one of the following best identifies the cultural landscape?


The Term cultural landscape suggest the visible imprint of the human activity upon the natural environment


Geo. is best described

the study of how and why human and physical attributes very from place to place on the earths surface of the earth

the term geography was coined by which greek scientist


the attributes of a place

represent the current state of continuing process of change and development

Spacial interaction is affected by

distance, accessibility, and development

when real estate agents say location matters they are referring to

a relative location

to a geographer site and situation are interchangeable


geography means "measurement of the earth"


since humans are the active agents in human-environmental interaction, people tend to

are frequently unmindful of the dangers of inappropriate environmental exploitation

the relationship between the size of an area on a map and its actual size on earths surface is called

map scale

which of the following is not true of the natural landscape


the location of Chicago at 41o49' N lat and 87o37' W long is an example of

absolute location

as geographers use the term scale tells us

the relationship between earth distance and map distance

Geography as a discipline

originated in ancient greek interest in the nature of the universe and the varying character of the known parts of the earth

which of the following best identifies the cultural landscape

the natural landscape as modified by humans

absolute location

is a precise position on the surface of the globe

absolute location is determined by reference to an agreed-upon system of coordinates


between the middle ages and the revival of geography in the 17th century, muslim scholars were engaged in describing and analyzing their known world and its physical, cultural and religion variation


globalization refers to the increasing spacial inter


An example of a formal region is

the area of france where the breton languages is spoken

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