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4 Yogic Paths (Hinduism)
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The Triple Jewel (Buddhism)Buddha - says to follow the Middle Way Dharma - set of teachings available to all Sangha - community of listeners/learnersTheravada BuddhismGreat emphasis on monasticismMahayana Buddhismanyone can follow the 8 Fold Path (so you can have family while practicing)The 3 TeachingsConfucianism, Taoism, and BuddhismConfucianism- founded by Confucius - controls civic life - familial hierarchy - focuses on relationships between people & the creation of a harmonious society founded on virtueTaoism- founded by Lao Tzu - Tao (Way/Path) - no one right path - philosophy in which people live a simple life in harmony with nature - has QiBuddhism- founded by Buddha - the promise of universal salvation by following path1500-800 bceComposition/writing of the Vedas100 bceGita was written600 bcePhilosophical texts: Upanishads written between Siddhartha born Jewish diaspora200; 700laws on manu; bhakti poetry~604 ceLao Tzu born551-479 BCELife of Confucius1000 bcecreation of state of israel586 bceDestruction of the first temple; exiled to Babylon326 bceAlexander the Great (passes by Jerusalem getting to India)Jesus- halo (holiness) - alpha and omega (beginning and end) - cross on text - facial hair (ethnic features) - sigmas (shortened names of JC, if mispelled must get rid of text) - robe (extensive, signifies his importance (inverse from Buddha))Confucius kneeling to Lao Tzu- Confucius on knees (learning from Lao Tzu - Lao Tzu in chair identified by hair (old); halo for his importance in teachingJewish Talmud- commentary surrounding the main text - text wrapping around, more importance towards the centerMuslim Iconography- symbolizes Muhammed but no images because holy people are not visualized - shahada (claim to prayer (to convert))Buddha Image- rice bowl (middle way) - stitched robe (aesthetic) - elongated earlobes (from royalty, shows old way of life) - crossed legs (meditation) - floating/elevated (enlightenment)Five Pillars of IslamShahadah: statement of faith Salat: call to prayer Zakat: charity Sawm: fasting (ramadan) Hajj: pilgrimage3 strains of ChristianityOrthodox, Catholic, ProtestantAkedah("The Binding") Refers to the sacrifice of IsaacTikkun Olam (action)moral obligation to continue G_d's creationGanges River (IND)Holiest river to Hindus. They believe bathing in this river will wash away their sins and when someone throws ashes into the river it improves someone's karma.Deer Park (IND)Where Buddha preached first sermonMount Laojun (CHI)sacred site for Taoists, embark on pilgrimagesTemple of Confucius (CHI)in Confucius's hometown of QufuIsraelstate of Jewish peopleBethlehemWhere Jesus was bornMeccathe holiest city of Islam; Muhammad's birthplace4 BCE-30 CELife of Jesus1933-1945Holocaust; Shoah1948UN Partition PlanMidrashfilling in gaps/reframing stories27 bceRoman Empire50-60 ceWritings of Paul70-125 ceGospels written325 ceCouncil of Nicaea367 ceCanon of Christian scripture570 CEBirth of Muhammad610 CEQuranic revelations begin622 CEMigration to Medina632 CEDeath of Muhammad; Abu Bakr succeeds him and Muslim conquest begins711-714 ceMuslims conquer Spain1492End of Muslim rule in Spain