Jefferson energy

Avoid injury, shock, and fire
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Defective partsThey can cause a fire or sock hazard1740-1750Ben franklin conducted his famous experiments and invented the lightning rod1876Alexander gram bell invented the telephone1879-1882Thomas Edison invented the incandescent light bulb and also the first power plant1880-1890Granville t woods invented many electrical devices for the telephone and telegraph1935The rural electrification administration was created1940-1950Grace Murray Hopper work helped start the electronic computer revolutionElectricity is createdWhen he outside force called the voltage causes electrons to move from atom to atom. Called an "electrical current"Static electricity and current electricityTwo types of electricityStatic electricityImbalance of positively and negatively charged atoms they then jump from atom to atom releasing energycurrent electricitythe continuous flow of charge in a complete circuit. Alternating current electrons flow in both directions