Appositive Phrases

A noun or pronoun that is placed next to another noun or pronoun to identify or give additional information about it. The phrase includes any words that modify or describe the appositive.
Appositive Phrase
Appositives are usually set off with these.
Appositives are _____________ to the meaning of a sentence, but will often provide important information.
Identify the appositive phrase: Our neighbor, Katie Rosenfeld, organized the dance.
Katie Rosenfeld
The most tickets were sold by Mia and Vanessa, two tenth graders.
two tenth graders.
After a long search, Greg finally found and booked the band, a fantastic group.
a fantastic group.
A clever class president, Juan Lopez talked his cousins into performing one of the opening comedy acts.
Juan Lopez
Two of Mrs. Swanson's art classes, the third and fifth periods, began work on the decorations a month in advance.
the third and fifth periods.
Alvin Ailey, an important choreographer, founded a lively modern dance company.
an important choreographer.
Rita Hayworth, the daughter of a Spanish dancer, starred in many American films in the 1940;s.
the daughter of a Spanish dancer