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Bill of Rights (10 Amendements)

10 amendements- the titles & articles 1-5
Article 1
Article 2
Article 3
Article 4
Relations Among States
Article 5
Provisions for Amendment
1st Amendment
Freedom of Expression
2nd Amendment
Rights to Bear Arms
3rd Amendment
Quartering Troops
4th Amendment
Searches & Seizures
5th Amendment
Criminal Proceedings (Infamous Crime): Rights to due process & prohibits self-incrimination/double jeopardy
6th Amendment
Criminal Proceedings (fair and speedy trial)
7th Amendment
Civil Trials (trial by a jury)
8th Amendment
Punishment for Crime (Cruel & Unusual Punishment)
9th Amendment
Unenumerated Rights
10th Amendment
Power Reserved to States (principle of federalism)
13th Amendment
Abolishment of Slavery
15th Amendment
Right to vote regardless of race/color
18th Amendment
Prohibition (banning of alcohol)
19th Amendment
Right to vote regardless of sex
21st Amendment
Repeals the 18th
22nd Amendment
Limits the # of times a person can be a president