Finding a Job Vocabulary, C1

Designed by Marijana Janković Some of example sentences are not directly related to job-finding situations.
against the odds
____________ (despite many difficulties), our team, which is considered the weakest, won the championship.
You will have to send your _______ (resume) to the company, if you want them to take notice of your previous work.
I can't ________ (predict) what will happen tomorrow since I am not a fortune teller.
How can you be so ___________ (indifferent) when watching this movie? I cried for hours.
master's degree
The ___________ (advanced university diploma) will be the award for my efforts.
Firms that deal with ________ (shared computer communication) and telecoms have had an increase in the number of users in the past 10 years.
The artist presented his ________(collection of works), and everybody was impressed.
scrape through
I have never liked school. I always just _________ (barely pass) the exams.
The skyscrapers hide the sun and __________(screen from light) the busy streets of New York.
He broke a couple of ribs and his arm in the accident, but luckily all of his _________ (essential) organs are untouched.