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Physical or Chemical Property of Matter

Identify the following as either chemical or physical properties of matter.
bending a copper wire
physical property--we have not changed the identity of the copper wire, it is still a copper wire
boiling water to form water vapor
physical property--it is still water it is just in the gaseous state now
an iron nail rusting
chemical property--the iron is being turned into iron oxide (a different compound)
burning a piece of wood
chemical property--you have converted the wood into smoke, ash and charcoal->a chemical change
freezing Kool Aid to form a Kool Aid popsicle
physical property--you have only changed the Kool Aid from a liquid into a solid; it is still Kool Aid though and can be melted to regain what you originally had
scratching a diamond on a piece of glass to measure the hardness of the diamond
physical property--you have not changed the diamond into something else by doing this
roasting a marshmellow
chemical property--you have altered the chemical make up by heating the marshmellow
melting an ice cube
physical property--you are just changing the water from a solid to a liquid, but it is still water.
changing the shape of a clump of clay
physical property--it is still clay just in a different shape now
cutting a piece of cake
physical property--it is still cake, just a smaller piece now
letting a silver tea pot sit out and tarnish (get a thin coat of black powder on its outside) over time
chemical change--the tarnish is actually a silver sulfide (a compound) forming on the outside of the tea pot; since a new compound is formed this is a chemical change
attracting a piece of iron metal to a magnet
physical property--the metal has not been chemically changed by being attracted to the magnet, it is still iron; no change here
lighting a candle
chemical change-the candle burns down and converts the wick and candle wax into gases, smoke and melted candle wax. Since new products are made, smoke and gas, this is a chemical change.