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  1. everything is God, the world is God.
  2. heresy that says that each person of the trinity is a different mask that God wears
  3. lack of perfection
  4. the belief that God made the world but abandoned it after he created it.
  5. mystery. Our knowledge and language of God are limited.
  1. a pantheism
  2. b Modalism/sabellianism
  3. c evil
  4. d deism
  5. e God is a _______. What does this mean?

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  1. dualism
  2. Privation theory
  3. hypostasis
  4. 4 types of prayer:
  5. What does St. Augustine say about Angels?

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  1. vocal/mental
    3 ways of prayer:


  2. distinguish who we are in relation to others. designate the fact that their distinction lies in the relationship of each to the others. (relations in God are essential)relation


  3. the Our Father and to pray humblyWhat part of man should prayer properly engage?


  4. God creates out of nothing
    God creates with order
    God makes man in His image and likeness, set apart from all other creatures.
    Man is the culmination of God's creative work.
    It is only after the Creation on man that God calls His work, very good.
    God draws all of creation into a covenant with Himself when he rests on the seventh day
    What are 6 things we learn about God through his creation?


  5. analogies and metaphorsWhat part of man should prayer properly engage?