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  1. the belief that everything was made without a divine origin
  2. the foundation of God's plan
  3. distinguish who we are in relation to others. designate the fact that their distinction lies in the relationship of each to the others. (relations in God are essential)
  4. We would cease to exist
  5. whole body and soul
  1. a What part of man should prayer properly engage?
  2. b What would happen if God stopped willing our existence?
  3. c How does creation relate to our salvation?
  4. d materialism
  5. e relation

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  1. What 5 ways is man made by God's Image and Likeness?
  2. Why does God permit physical evils?
  3. God is a _______. What does this mean?
  4. deism
  5. substance

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  1. out of nothingex nihilo


  2. sin, the free choice to reject God and his plan for our living goodnessmoral evils


  3. designate the Father, SOn, and Holy Spirit in the real distinction among themhypostasis


  4. lack of perfectionevil


  5. adoration
    4 types of prayer: