BUL 3310 Exam 2 Comm Quiz Questions

Another term for punitive damages is ___________damages
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In early product liability cases, a consumer who was injured by a defectively manufactured product could only sue the retailer who sold her the product. The retailer would then sue the distributor, who would sue the manufacturer. This doctrine that makes the immediate seller the only defendant is called _______________.
Vidal So-SueME makes hair shampoo and sells it through retailers. One of its plant managers increases the production of the shampoo by cutting back on the standard quality control checks in the industry. Unfortunately, a
significant number of their bottles of shampoo has too much "scalp chemical" and is causing people to go bald. Under what legal theory is Vidal most at risk.
Susan owns a pizza delivery franchise. She decides to make changes to her pizza making process. Her changes decrease the care and quality control of the care of the ingredients that need to be refrigerated. Several of her customers end up getting food poisoning. What does she have the greatest risk of being sued for?