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Men are more likely to experience violent crime at the hand of an acquaintance, while women are more likely to experience violent crime (such as sexual assault) at the hand of strangers
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The branch of law that defines crimes and their punishment; in other words, the body of rules that declare what conduct is criminal and prescribes the punishment to be imposedSubstantive criminal lawThe contemporary criminal justice system can be divided into three main componentsLaw enforcement, the courts, the correctional systemAccording to this theory, criminal acts provide a means of survival in an otherwise bleak existence, as American citizens must exist with a stratified societyIn recent years numerous states have been reforming their substantive criminal laws, indeed, one of these examples includes the legalization of marijuana useTrueEach of the following constitutes an Excuse Defense exceptConsentSally committed embezzlement, this act is considered which sort of crimeMala prohibitumOf the following which combination would most likely lead to a higher crime rateGangs, guns, drug useEach of the following crimes fall under the Part 1 Crime Index exceptProstitutionThe Justification Defenses argue that any individual in such a situation would have acted in a similar manner; in essence, then Justification Defenses assert that the lack of mens rea should acquit them in their actionsFalseWhich of the following crimes would be placed in the top layer (the first layer) of the "Wedding Cake" model of justice?A noted celebrity is arrested for shooting her bodyguardSally murdered Sam (Andrea Yates drowned her five children) three acts are considered which sort of crimeMala in seThe branch of law that provides the set of rules governing relations between private parties, in short, it is all law that is not considered criminalCivil LawPer your first discussion topic; Stop and Frisk constitute an especially controversial issue in which of the following citiesNew York CityAccording to this Perspective on justice, the criminal justice system should aim for peacemaking rather than punishment. Furthermore it believes that offenders should be integrated back into society, for instance, that the conflict can be resolved within the community it originatedRestorative PerspectiveAdvocates of this perspective on justice stress that criminals are victims of society, and as such it is better to treat than to punishRehabilitation PerspectiveIndividuals that claim insanity as a criminal defense excuse themselves of responsibility by arguing that they did not have the necessary ____ to satisfy the legal definition of a crimeMens reaMost criminal cases are cooperative ventures in which all parties work together to work out a dealTrueOf the following which theory suggest that criminal behavior may be driven by the combination of biochemical, neurological and genetic factors interacting with environmental stimuliBiosocial theoryMost criminal cases are processed through the entire formal criminal justice systemFalseAs a racial pattern, nonwhite individual's in the United States experience violent crime at higher rate than white individuals in the United StatesTrueProponents of this perspective on justice are concerned about the overall size of the American criminal justice system and the effect of stigma that criminal suspects bear when they are given negative labels such as "rapist" or "child molester." They believe that justice agencies should limit their involvement with criminal defendants.Non-Intervention PerspectiveOf the following which definition most appropriately applies to "misdemeanor?"A less serious crime punishable by incarcerationUsing this definition crime consists of behaviors that are essentially harmful to a majority of citizens in other works crimes are acts that are unlawful as they conflict with the rules of the majorityConsensus ViewOf the following which theory suggest that criminals are driven by unconscious thought patterns develop in early childhood that control behaviorPsychological TheoryWhat percentage of cases are settled without trails?80-90 percentOf the following which theory suggest that any individual has the potential to violate the law, that crime is committed through free will and the balancing of cost and benefitsChoice TheorySam suffers from seizures and deliberately chooses not to take his medication, thus Sam can be held criminally liable for his behavior if he places himself in a position where he is likely to harm othersTrueThe criminal justice system is an inherently political entityTrueThe term states decisis refers toTo stand by decided casesAs am ecological pattern, research suggests that a distinct relationship exists between increase crime rates and urban/metropolitan areasTrueThe branch o flaw that defines the operation of (or practice of) criminal proceedingsProcedural criminal lawAs discussed in class and witnessed in the Trayvon Martin case, the stand your ground law is particularly controversial in which of the following statesFloridaWhich of the following decades marked the beginning of a significant decline in crime1990sNancy is arrested for unlawful possession of a small amount of marijuana. Her crime can most appropriately be categorized as anMisdemeanorCriminal justice may be viewed as a process that takes an offender through a series of decision points beginning with arrest and concluding with into society. Which of the following factors may be involved within the decision process?Offenders race or gender Offenders prior record Legal factors such as seriousness of offense ALL OF THE ABOVE